Oracle Database adapter, invalid customization

Just wasted a few hours of my life.

I’m trying to update a dbadapter with a some wlst and a property file.
Result :
Same eis connection is getting added 3 times.

After this i can’t delete the duplicate entries in the console.

The outbound connection instance eis/DB/myDC in group javax.resource.cci.ConnectionFactory is defined explicitly in the applications deployment descriptors and may not 
be deleted via the console.

Content of the propertyfile :

Oracle SOA Suite 12c, Unable to get Metadata Manager for DVM

Little reminder :


bpel file uses the next :

<from>ora:doXSLTransformForDoc("../Transformations/transfBewaarNotificatie.xsl", $inputVariable.notificatie)</from>

xsl file used to be using the next :

<xsl:variable name="dossier" select="dvm:lookupValue ('../Dvm/actie.dvm', 'sourceActie', /ns0:notificatie/ns0:entiteit, 'targetActie', 'ongeldige actie mapping' )"/>

this will fail (the location of the dvm file isn’t relative to both the .bpel file and the .xsl file), correct path to the dvm file will be

<xsl:variable name="dossier" select="dvm:lookupValue ('Dvm/actie.dvm', 'sourceActie', /ns0:notificatie/ns0:actie, 'targetActie', 'ongeldige actie mapping'  (more...)

Oracle Mediator, the-always-give-response-pattern by using the Echo-reply

In my usecase i subscribed to an eventbus solution (rabbitmq with some custom code to be able to publish to consumers based on the soap protocol).

The backend system which generated the notications can generate the next type of events :

— employeename got changed

<nce:notification xmlns:nce="http://my.notifications" xmlns:xsi="">

— employee contactaddress got changed

<nce:notification xmlns:nce="http://my.notifications" xmlns:xsi="">

The current subscription mechanism only allows me (more...)

Oracle Maven Repository in Nexus, authentication failure

Short overview of some last week failing builds at our site 😉

Since a while ago it’s possible to register proxy repositories in Nexus based on the Oracle Maven Repository.
To be able to proxy this repository you need to make use of an oracle account for the autenthication before you can download the artifact.

Let’s check the logging to understand what it does (i can rephrase the logfile or just copy/paste it ;), when others (more...)

Oracle Composite – leftover oramds imports

On designtime we use the oramds to develop our processflows in our bpel processes.

Basically the composite.xml part for a bpel process would look like this :

<component name="saveEmployee" version="1.0">
    <implementation.bpel src="BPEL/saveEmployee.bpel"/>
      <service name="client_ep" ui:wsdlLocation="oramds:/apps/xsd/myapp/1.0/saveEmployee.wsdl">
        <interface.wsdl interface=""/>

When you open the bpel in jdeveloper, jdeveloper will automatically add the next import to your .bpel file :

  <import namespace=""
          importType="http://schemas.xmlsoap. (more...)

Error deploying Oracle Composite with wrong encoding wsdl

We had some issues with deploying a composite which retrieves his wsdl for the partnerlinks from Nexus.
The supplier of the services adds the archive with the wsdl artifacts in Nexus, we download the dependency and after that we compile/validate the composite against the downloaded set of artifacts.

For one particular partnerlink the composite just wouldn’t compile.

Error message :

Validating composite "c:ReposcompositesmydomainobjectMyServicecomposite.xml"
c:ReposcompositesmydomainobjectMyServicecomposite.xml:21: error: Load of wsdl "oramds:/apps/xsd/nextgen/gm/services/mydomainobject/2/myservice.wsdl" failed
c:ReposcompositesmydomainobjectMyServicecomposite.xml:44:  (more...)

Altova XMLSpy, testing custom functions in xsl transformations

In our middleware solutions (Oracle SOA Suite) we use a lot of xsl transformations.
Part of these transformations use database backend systems to do lookups for transforming internal values to external values (which can then be communicated to the customers).

In the Oracle SOA Suite you can create custom xsl function and store the jar in the domain/lib folder and then you will be able to use it in the xsl transformations.

We use Altova (more...)

Oracle BPEL, retrieving the validate activity fault message

The ‘Validate’ activity in Oracle BPEL gives us the functionality to validate variables again schema definitions.
When using it in your bpel process you will get a nice informative message in the ‘Flow trace’.


When you’re using some generic error hospital functionality you also want this message to be available (more...)

Oracle JCA Database adapter and performance win on big clobs

In a few of our services in bpel and osb we’re inserting a lot of data (big payload messages) into the database by use of the jca db adapter.
We noticed performance would drop hugely when the db adapter needed to insert big payloads (CLOBS) and when the stream of (more...)

Server subsystem failed. Reason: java.lang.NumberFormatException: null

Our admin server of the osb development environment failed to restart because of a full disk.
After cleaning up the admin server still wouldn’t start resulting in the next stack.

<Sep 28, 2012 10:18:16 AM CEST> <Critical> <WebLogicServer> <BEA-000386> <Server subsystem failed. Reason: java.lang.NumberFormatException: null
java.lang.NumberFormatException:  (more...)