The importance of content for Image and Perception

After Oracle's news about the changes at the helm, I was offered to follow a new user on twitter. which may be relevant for me - @MarkVHurd

My first click from twitter, on my mobile phone, was to look at is web site :

Here is what I saw over 3 days, and 3 visits - the screen are compiled in one animated gif - days 1, 2 and 3 are available (more...)

High Res only – one version of the resource to serve

With the new hardware and fast internet connection, is it the norm to only keep images in one high-res version, regardless of the way the content is utilized in the article?

Today's example is this article on Forbes; Why I Left The Wall Street Journal To Join Oracle

From the article, here are two images :

Bye Bye FB

Looks like I cannot go without a G+ profile if I want to continue to use my blogger account ...

As I cannot go on Fesse Book to notify my friends I am no longer there, I have to use alternate routes ;-)

Most likely, I am going to create a Marketing Account on MailChimp for 'Les Amis d'Eric' so that I can continue to push update about my remodeling project and my new diets.

What got really transfer and used – who can we trust ?

With all those services that are using Face Book as identity, I am starting to get suspicious about the value they get from it. Here is the claim (in french):
What is advertised by the site
And here is the disclaimer from Face Book:
What Face Book is sharing

Testing embedded link to Amazon store…

Testing embedded link to Amazon store from my blog, to works with the new skin : My next Big Toy !!! Or as it would be on twitter: Just saw this on Amazon: by for via @amazon

JDeveloper 12c is available from OTN

It's time to upgrade to the latest version of JDeveloper to get the latest technology from Oracle. You can get your download from this page.
On Mac OS-X, I have been using the "Generic" option of Studio Edition:
On my work desktop, running Windows 7, (more...)

Amazon Store 4 Mobile

It does not work :(
You can use the following form to search on
Here is an alternate option with a cloud of product tags:

News from the Open Cloud

There are interesting new initiative on the cloud front. Here are a few that catch my attention in the past weeks:
  1. OASIS Cloud Application Management for Platforms (CAMP). 
  2. OASIS Cloud Authorization (CloudAuthZ).
  3. The AWS GovCloud (US) Region
Camp remind me of BootCamp or LeBootCamp :)

soapUI is back, with lot more for you.

It has been a long time since I last used soapUI - see my 2007 post - when I was using version 2.1.x. Today, I got 4.5.1, from the same location:

I wanted to test a simple WS using WS-Security username token and (more...)

Where is my help menu?

While I was trying to get some JUnit test written on my MacBook Air over the weekend, I end up spending wasting some time with a silly issue : get the JUnit extension installed.

From the documentation, it's pretty clear - the Help menu.

Enable JDev Extension - section 9 (more...)

JDeveloper does not start after Mountain Lion upgrade

With Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8), I have found my first upgrade hurdle - starting JDeveloper give me a bash script that runs forever with ~100% CPU utilisation.

I am currently running the Studio Edition Version

Google gave me a good first place to (more...)

Back to my WS-Root

After a long time looking into Application development and UX widget, I am taking a fresh look at Web Services and I'll be starting to play with JSON and REST ideas.

But first thing first, I have to refresh my IDE install on my MacBook Air - This is an (more...)

Customer Service and user experience

I have been trying to setup a new account with Amazon to get into the french version of the associate program, and got an email with potential french readers. It all started well, with a nice intro:
Cher Partenaire,
Merci d'avoir pris contact avec le Programme Partenaires d'
 Then, (more...)

Amazon search box is gone

Until I can find a way to setup my french account on Amazon Associates, the link to search is gone from by blog as it's now a dead account.

From twitter:
RT @Scobleizer An Open Letter To Jeff Bezos On Terminating The Amazon Affiliate Program In California from (more...)

Lose end of 2010, as we get ready for .next

It has been a very quiet year on the blogging side. Most of the free time was spent on the new media, trying to figure out why Facebook and Twitter were so useful to communicate with the world.

As I am wrapping up the year, I have two new books (more...)

Mon humeur du jour.

Suicide pill in full motion :

Java Decompiler

I have a new tools to share with you : JD GUI

It's one of the must-have if you need to figure out why things are not working the way you expect them to work...

After two days searching for a NPE, which was not (more...)

Friday the 30th, Halloween is just around the corner

Always been confused between 13th and 30th, when it goes to English pronunciation - go figure.

There has been a lot going on, and it may explain why my blog has been so quiet lately. Here are some fun facts and though about Web square (a.k.a 2.0):

Should I write code before I can test it?

Maybe this would be better as a question on twitter, as I may not get to many comment here on my web 1.5 journal.

Is it OK to write code I cannot test and assumes that by the time I am done writing the features I have in mind, (more...)


No comment, I have been looking forward to my new toys for days now, and the news is out on April first ...