Should I write code before I can test it?

Maybe this would be better as a question on twitter, as I may not get to many comment here on my web 1.5 journal.

Is it OK to write code I cannot test and assumes that by the time I am done writing the features I have in mind, (more...)


No comment, I have been looking forward to my new toys for days now, and the news is out on April first ...

Thinking to light the fireplace tonight ?

Check this first:

JDeveloper 11g on Mac OS-X

Today, I have been stuck at home, and it was a good opportunity for me to upgrade my current 10g release of JDeveloper to the latest and greatest, on my iMac.
So far so good, but remember the basics: read the releases notes, and Google for someone else, with past (more...)

Random notes

For some time, I have been away from my blog, and sent most of my spare time on facebook, trying to figure out why I should use it. did not find the answer yet ... but I am sure there is some. otherwise, why would everyone been their, and acept my (more...)