Thinking to light the fireplace tonight ?

Check this first:

JDeveloper 11g on Mac OS-X

Today, I have been stuck at home, and it was a good opportunity for me to upgrade my current 10g release of JDeveloper to the latest and greatest, on my iMac.
So far so good, but remember the basics: read the releases notes, and Google for someone else, with past (more...)

Random notes

For some time, I have been away from my blog, and sent most of my spare time on facebook, trying to figure out why I should use it. did not find the answer yet ... but I am sure there is some. otherwise, why would everyone been their, and acept my (more...)

Gary Vaynerchuk on National TV

If you are into wine, you may like this wen site: Gary Vaynerchuk is fun to watch, on his TV show.
I am now waiting for Loic Le Meur to have his version of wine testing on Seemic, so that Robert Scoble knows what to buy, (more...)

Random link

As father day is coming around the conner, here is some could stuff I'll love to have:
the virtual goggles:
the BAD Mini Club: