How to update JDK on Oracle Enterprise Linux from version 1.6 to 1.7

JDK is the environment to develop Java programs and updating java on Linux boxes is a requirement which often comes up. The following lists the steps required to update the JDK from version 1.6.0_22 to 1.7.0_21.

Step 1: Download the JDK rpm from the following link:


gv$cell_thread_history ; A Nice View

There are certain dictionary views available to monitor the Exadata cells from the database.One of the view is gv$cell_thread_history. This view is very interesting as it delves down to the session level with its serial number, SQL, specific cell, instance and also which Exadata object was waited and every (more...)

Log Buffer #318, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

News and views are an integral part of our modern daily life. When it comes to the information-hungry roles such as database professionals, such need becomes more pressing. Log Buffer is one way to keep abreast of news and views from the world of Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL.



Log Buffer #294 Appears

Log writer process of Oracle is one of the most revered background process, a real work horse, a real charming darling who keeps the whole Oracle database system consistent and humming beautifully and many technologies in Oracle sprout from this good old process. Consistency is the key in database systems, and so in the Log Buffer Editions, and this Log Buffer #294 continues it. And yes, the coolest 2012 PASS Summit is also there.

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Hanging with Jonathan Lewis at Oracle Open World 12 San Francisco