Seven Fishbowl Team Members Earn Google Cloud Certifications

Fishbowl is excited to announce that seven Fishbowl team members have earned Google Cloud certifications. These certifications demonstrate Fishbowl’s continued commitment to mastering the sales and deployment of Google Cloud technologies.

Fishbowl Solutions President Tim Gruidl (bottom left), Director of Sales Jon Paradis (top left), and sales reps Dan Grubb (not pictured) and Kyle Thornton (top center) have been recognized for Google Cloud Sales competency. Technical Team Lead Andy Weaver (bottom right), Product Manager Kim (more...)

Don’t Just Implement, Optimize Your Change Management System: A Success Story from Fishbowl Solutions

A National Laboratory has been utilizing PTC Windchill PDMLink for CAD Data Management and other general PDM functions, but they wanted to do more with Windchill. The obvious leap was to implement PDMLink change management functionality, but the National Laboratory did not have enough resources to support this on their own. Knowing the importance of this project, the Lab wanted to work with experts to ensure they had an optimized system deployed. That’s when they (more...)

Fishbowl Solutions helps a key Customer gain efficiencies and cuts costs through the implementation and data migration of PTC Windchill PartsLink & Supplier Management

The Situation

A global commerce and technology company needed a better way to keep track of standard parts and supplier information for their electrical components and boards. Their solution was to develop a homegrown database application that grew over time into a more complex app. It worked. Though the app addressed their needs, over the years it became more difficult and expensive to maintain. Eventually, this homegrown solution could only run on outdated, unsupported infrastructure… (more...)

Building a Custom Component with the Oracle Digital Assistant

Often times, a digital assistant must execute on logic that can’t be written in the YAML or in a Q&A and should therefore use a custom component. Some use cases for a custom component might be: sending an email to the user or bot administrator, making an API call with user input, or connecting to an external data source to return user’s information. As a general rule, custom components should be used any time the (more...)