OAMSSA-06252 after patching

Once upon a time.. you had a working environment with WebLogic, Access and Identity Management (or Discoverer, or ...) and all of a sudden things start failing. Symptoms You notice the dreaded OAMSSA-06252 (Policy Store not Available) while starting up, and start fearing the worst. Also, it seems as-if you cannot login to OAM management console anymore; your credentials are accepted, but you get

Customized pages with Distributed Credential Cellector (DCC)

One of the worst documented areas in OAM; customizing pages with DCC. One revelation: you must use login.pl when you want logout.pl to work, as login.pl seems to build the "Callback URL" list, that logout.pl uses to destroy the session cookies.

Access Management alternatives (Part 1: Directory Services)

Intro At the governmental institute that hired me, I'm working hard to get the full Oracle Identity and Access Management (IAM) stack implemented. A colleague suggested OpenIAM, which -at closer look- turns out to be a fork of what I believe to be the origin of the Oracle stack, Sun's OpenSSO. So, I started at looking at this stack, which is available from ForgeRock. Let's start with the basis:

Check this out: IAM 11G Rel2 V8

Oracle lanched Identity and Access management 11G Release 2, Version 8 (also known as V11. two weeks ago. You should check it out. Some reasons why: Installation is so much easier Installation is error proof (the "just MUST run configuresecurity first, or redo all" error can not occur. Tested it) The interface (OAM Console) has had a major overhaul. It responds faster and is more

Identity Management 11G Rel 2: RCU

Repository Creation Utility Running the Repository Creation Utility (RCU) for Linux is troublesome for some reasons. One of the reasons is it is 32-bits software, whereas the Linux platforms now are predominantly 64 bits. The other is java... Running it off my Ubuntu LTS host, using linux32 ./bin/rcu" resulted in (more...)

Enterprise Install of Identity & Access Management 11.1.2

Hardware Virtual hardware added to the Database and OUD/OVD installs: an 8GB/4CPU VM. Basic Software Of course, jrockit (the 37 release, the 45 does not always work with OFM 11GR2...) and WebLogic 10.3.6. WLS 12 is not yet certified against OFM I&AM 11GR2, as far as I (more...)

Access Manager 11G Rel 2 and APEX 4.2

There is some documentation regarding APEX and OAM, but it is flawed. Make sure APEX functions with standard (APEX user based) security, even through OAM; this means Allow /APEX/** Allow /i/** Protect /apex/apex_authentication.callback Page 9 states "OAM_REMOTE_USER with a value of $user.userid is created by default".Not true, (more...)

Setup OUD and ODSM, and OVD/OID with ODSM

ODSM and ODSM? The version of ODSM, suitable for OUD will *not* serve OVD or OID, it is as simple as that. In fact, Oracle spends a whole chapter on installing the lot. I did follow this, but sometimes you want to explore different routes. OUD and ODSM I have (more...)

ORA-02248 – brilliant

Brilliant explanation, RTFM made polite. [oracle@local ~]$ oerr ora 2248 02248, 00000, "invalid option for ALTER SESSION" // *Cause: Obvious. // *Action: see SQL Language Manual for legal options.

Oracle Unified Directory TNS and EUS – Part 2: Enterprise User Security

Enterprise User Security: Step by Step I want to set OUD up in the way I've done it with OID Use a Shared Schema in every database map this shared schema within the security domain in OUD create enterpise users in OUD Use a group in (more...)