Access Manager 11G Rel 2 and APEX 4.2

There is some documentation regarding APEX and OAM, but it is flawed. Make sure APEX functions with standard (APEX user based) security, even through OAM; this means Allow /APEX/** Allow /i/** Protect /apex/apex_authentication.callback Page 9 states "OAM_REMOTE_USER with a value of $user.userid is created by default".Not true, (more...)

Setup OUD and ODSM, and OVD/OID with ODSM

ODSM and ODSM? The version of ODSM, suitable for OUD will *not* serve OVD or OID, it is as simple as that. In fact, Oracle spends a whole chapter on installing the lot. I did follow this, but sometimes you want to explore different routes. OUD and ODSM I have (more...)

ORA-02248 – brilliant

Brilliant explanation, RTFM made polite. [oracle@local ~]$ oerr ora 2248 02248, 00000, "invalid option for ALTER SESSION" // *Cause: Obvious. // *Action: see SQL Language Manual for legal options.

Oracle Unified Directory TNS and EUS – Part 2: Enterprise User Security

Enterprise User Security: Step by Step I want to set OUD up in the way I've done it with OID Use a Shared Schema in every database map this shared schema within the security domain in OUD create enterpise users in OUD Use a group in (more...)

Oracle Unified Directory TNS and EUS – Part 1: TNS Resolving

Part two of OUD. Start it up # su - oracle $ /oracle/Middleware/asinst-1/OUD/bin/start-ds Just to make things happen, I shut down the firewall: # service iptables stop But at least, I can do things like: frank@ubuntu64:~$ ldapsearch -D "cn=Directory Manager" -w Welcome1 -h oud -p 1389 -b dc=home,dc=local cn=groups -LLL (more...)