Published: Upgrading Ansible Tower

| Jan 14, 2019
I published Upgrading Ansible Tower on Medium.

Published: Testing Ansible Tower connecting to RHEL 8

| Dec 9, 2018
I published Testing Ansible Tower connecting to RHEL 8 on Medium.

Published: Using Ansible Tower 3.3 to work with older RHEL versions

| Oct 24, 2018
I published Using Ansible Tower 3.3 to work with older RHEL versions on Medium.

Published: RHEL kpatch and SQL Server

| Jul 30, 2018
I published RHEL kpatch and SQL Server on Medium.

Published: InstallIng Microsoft SQL Server on RHEL 7.5 Part 1

| Jul 24, 2018
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Published: To New Beginnings and New Paths to Learning

| Jun 22, 2018
I published To New Beginnings and New Paths to Learning on Medium.

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| Jun 22, 2018
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ZDLRA System Activity Report

| Jul 10, 2017
The Recovery Appliance or ZDLRA is a great way to ensure consistent Backup and Recovery of you Oracle Database but as DBA's we often want to see what is happening Behind the Covers. As with every Oracle Product there is a GUI (Enterprise Manager) or Command line based environment.
The ZDLRA Development team just released a very nifty little script that is available via

Setting up Redo Transport With Standby’s for ZDLRA with EM 13.2

| May 5, 2017
Oracle ZDLRA or Zero Data loss Recovery Appliance allows for transporting redo from the protected database and stores it securely inside the Recovery Appliance. This allows for near zero Recovery Point Objectives to be met.
Setting up Real time redo Transport involves setting up a wallet and redo_transport_user  parameter to the virtual private catalog user as well as definition and archive log destination that points to the Recovery Appliance . This allows redo to be shipped (more...)

Happy new year

| Jan 2, 2017

It's the start of a new year , and as with all new years it's time to prepare and start learning a fresh. Oracle as a database , as a technology , as a field is constantly being update from being a database to a platform to a cloud provider .
Learning is the core of what we thrive to do . as technology evolves , the opportunities to learn increase .

This year i had the pleasure (more...)

#ThanksOTN OTN Appreciation Day: Recovery Appliance – Database Recovery on Steroids

| Oct 11, 2016 Tim hall came up with a brilliant idea to appreciate OTN  for all the ways it helped shape the Oracle Community. I have to say thati  whole heartedly agree and here is my contribution for #ThanksOTN.

Recovery Appliance or RA or ZDLRA is something I've been very passionate about since its release and thus this very biased post on RA.  Recovery Appliance is Database Backup and Recovery on Steroids . The ability to do (more...)

REDO_TRANSPORT_USER and Recovery Appliance (ZDLRA)

| May 17, 2016

“REDO_TRANSPORT_USER” was an Oracle Database Parameter that was introduced in Oracle release 11.1 to help transporting redo from a primary to a standby by using a user designated for log transport , The default configuration assumes the user “SYS” is performing the transport.
This distinction is very important since the user “SYS” is available on every Oracle database and as such most data guard environment when created with default settings are created with “SYS” (more...)

Enterprise Manager 13c And Database Backup Cloud Service

| Mar 21, 2016

The Oracle Database Cloud Service allows for backup of an Oracle Database to the Oracle Cloud using Rman. Enterprise Manager 13c provides a very easy way to configure Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service. This post will walk you thru setup of the Oracle Database Backup Cloud service as well as running backups from EM.

There is a new menu Item to configure the Database Backup Cloud Service (DBCS) in the Backup & Recovery Drop down.


Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance – Basics

| Mar 7, 2016
Oracle released Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance in 2014. The Recovery Appliance was designed to ensure efficient and consistent Oracle Database Backups with a very key focus on Recovery.
I am going to write a series of blogs starting with this one to discuss the fundamental architecture of the Recovery Appliance and discuss the business case as well as deployment and operational strategies around the Recovery Appliance.
So Lets start with why an Appliance. Oracle (more...)

Exadata 12c New Features RMOUG Slides

| Feb 23, 2015
I've finally gotten around to post my RMOUG Slide Deck on Slideshare. Hopefully this is helpful to folks looking at new features in Exadata.

Compliance and File Monitoring in EM12c

| Dec 29, 2014
I was recently asked to help a customer set up File Monitoring in Enterprise Manager and I thought since I haven’t blogged in a while, this could be a good way to start back up again..
Enterprise manager 12c provides a very nice Compliance and File Monitoring Framwork. There are many Built in Frameworks include for PCI DSS and STIG but this How-to will only focus on a custom file monitoring framework.
Prior to Setting (more...)

HeartBleed and Oracle

| Apr 11, 2014
There are a lot of people asking about Heartbleed and how it has impacted the web.
Oracle has published  MOS Note 1645479.1 that talks about all the products impacted and if and when fixes will be available.
The following blog post is also a good reference about the vulnerability.

User Groups and Speaking About Support and diag tools.

| Apr 1, 2014
The Chicago Oracle Users Group (COUG) is finally in its reboot mode. Thanks to Alfredo Abate for taking on  the responsibility and bringing the enthusiasm to bring the community back together.  Jeremy Schneider has blogged about this here .  There is a Linked in Group now open for business and i would recommend every one to contribute and lets make this reboot a success.

I am also going to be presenting  at the Ohio (more...)

Collaborate 14 and Vegas

| Feb 3, 2014
Collaborate 14 is coming soon and i can tell you that it is an excellent content learning and networking opportunity.  I have been going to collaborate for a while and have found it to be not only a place to learn but also to network with my peers .  We built the team to write the Practical Oracle Database Appliance  which is available here at Collaborate 13 and were able to deliver a book  with authors (more...)

Changes and Book

| Jan 27, 2014
I just realized that i have not blogged in a very long time. This has been partly because i switched jobs and started working for Oracle.  it has been an interesting six months and i have been enjoying the challenge of working with various customer and helping them solve problems.
The other thing that has been an important milestone in my career is the publishing of a book that collaborated with a very fine (more...)