Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) Patch 2.4 is out

This is just a post ot point out that ODA Patch 2.4 is out. ODA Patch 2.4 requires 2.2 or above to install.
A couple of Highlights of this release seem to be
  1. Enhanced odachk 2.16
  2. A trace file analyzer 
  3. The ability to now use normal (more...)

ODA /Linux What to do if your screw up /etc/passwd file.

While this is more of a Linux Post . I'm adding this to the ODA Category Since this happened to me on a Database Appliance.
Since in my organization the Database team own complete control of the Database Appliance. We have to learn Unix/Linux administration. Oracle Database Appliance while a pretty (more...)

Post Oracle #Openworld 2012 view & Bloggers meetup 2012 #OOW

I've been trying to get  a blogpost in for a while now but have not had enough time to actually get that in.
This is my Summary of Oracle Openworld 2012 or #oow to some. Oracle Openworld is tremendous event . There is just a lot of activities , be it (more...)

#oow day 0

Oracle openworld is almost here today was day 0 for openworld attendees and day 1 for MySQL attendees
I went thru and did sightseeing an last night got to see bikers.
It is going to be an interesting week with lots of networking and lots of new learning opportunities on (more...)

#oow or #oow12 is on the horizon

I just landed yesterday for Oracle Openworld Today. Oracle Openworld this year is  a not to miss experience specially for Database junkies. Oracle is supposed to talk about  New Databases , New Hardware, New applications , New Everything and i'm guessing C is the letter of the conference. Please note (more...)

Oracle Openworld 2012 is almost here #OOW12

Oracle Openworld 2012 is almost upon us. There is a lot of expectations and a lot of speculation about What Oracle is going to announce . A preview can kinda be found here and a Another mini real  conference The Oracle Real World Conference is advertised here.
A Safe Bet is (more...)