Lost SYSMAN password OEM CC 12gR5

I run my own licensed Oracle products in-house.  Since it is a very simple environment, largely used to learn how things run and verify what I see at customer sites, it is not very active at all.  But it is important enough to me to keep it maintained.

After a bit of a hiatus in looking at the OEM, which is at 12cR5 patched, I went back and noted that I was using the wrong (more...)

OTN Latin America Tour, 2014

The dates, and the speakers, for the Latin America Tour have been anounnced.


New OTN Tour

For those of you who watch the OTN Tours, here is a list of the big ones this year

Feb 2014 - OTN Yathra by AIOUG (India) ... http://otnyathra.com/
May 2014 - OTN MENA by ARAB OUG ... http://www.otnmenatour.org/
August 2014 - OTN LAD North
August 2014 - OTN LAD South
November 2014 - OTN APAC

I was part of OTN Yathra (fantastic time again, thanks Murali), and have my name in the hat (more...)

Open World 2013 – Wednesday: Focus on a bunch of things

Even though I spent my prime time with RAC Attack, I ended up involved in a variety of discussions.


I am still amazed at how people and companies increase the cost of Oracle to themselves. 

One discussion was with a one-man company, and how Oracle Enterprise Edition is (more...)

Open World 2013 – Tuesday: Focus on RAC Attack

The big discussions from Oracle was around "Internet of Things".  This is the future where your fridge tells you that the butter has curdled and you need to order more Arugula.  Or your car is speeding.  Or your portable electric generator has kicked in.  Or your (more...)

Open World 2013 – Monday: Focus on Spatial

Oracle's Theme of the Day is: there be a lot of data out there.  Larry's keynote yesterday was about the hardware and hardware-consuming products that support chewing through huge amounts of data - from the Sparc M6 through the In-Memory Database.   Monday was about big data, scalable solutions (more...)

Open World 2013 – Sunday: Focus on Virtualization

I've decided to attend Open World on a thematic basis, and today's theme is Virtualization.  Therefore I'm attending the IOUG Virtualization / Cloud SIG sessions.

First:  what is 'Cloud'?

There are a lot of definitions out there, none of why I really like.  Part of the problem is (more...)

ACE Director Briefing – Friday afternoon

David Peake discussed Apex and highlighted a few things:

  1. First place to look at Performance issues: check your SQL
  2. Since Apex (by default) is in the 12c seed and the root containers, plugging in a new container can be a challenge
  3. Self-service http://apex.oracle.com/vote to help prioritize new features
  4. (more...)

ACE Director’s Briefing – Friday morning

Started out with the Database discussion, and got a heads up to listen to Larry's keynote on Sunday for some very interesting announcements for [near] future directions and reviews of accomplishments. 

Jeremy Ashley and his team showed some very interesting changes to the ADF visual toolbox and the directions (more...)

Multi-tenant Database notes

We are in the ACE Director briefing on Friday morning with Penny Avril and people from her team.  Good to see her again!

There are some VERY interesting things coming up - look for the announcements in Larry's keynote on Sunday, and various presentations throughout the week.


We (more...)

ACE Director Briefing – Thursday Morning

ACE Director Briefings have started.

Pretty good attendance - about 75-80 of us from around the world.   Great time renewing old acquaintances and friendships, and meeting new ACE Directors.

We've had a very interesting morning of briefings.  Today is the day for Fusion Middleware and Cloud discussions.  (more...)

Oracle Open World – the final stretch

This is the 'week before' Oracle Open World.  The final stretch on the way to announcements, social and business networking, too much activity, sore feet ...

I arrived on Sunday to deliver the Oracle University "Oracle VM Administration: Oracle VM Server for x86" (2nd Ed) course, based on OracleVM 3. (more...)

RAC Attack at Oracle Open World

This year, one of my main Open World activities will be to participate as a RAC Attack Ninja.

RAC Attack is a program initiated by Jeremy Schneider, Dan Norris and Parto Jalili at the IOUG Collaborate 2008 conference as a result of a classroom full of unattended PCs (long story, (more...)

Countdown to Oracle Open World

Oracle Open World - the annual festival during which Oracle employees, pundits, reporters, supporters, and customers try to overwhelm San Francisco with bodies, information, and just general fun - is about to begin. 

My itinerary, generally speaking (as I usually allow a lot of flexibility):

1) I'm already in (more...)

Oracle Open World – coming up

Just in case you didn't know ;-)

Oracle Open World, and Oracle Java One are just around the corner.  For more information, look at http://www.oracle.com/index.html

I'll be available at the RAC Attack on both Tuesday and Wednesday.  Come on over, with your own laptop (or (more...)

Personal Edition for Linux – 11gR2 and 12c

See MOS Note "How to Install Oracle Database Personal Edition on Linux?" (Doc ID 1574396.1)
Thank you Oracle.

Oracle Database 12c – notes 1

I now have a functional Oracle Database 12c Lab environment which consists of a bunch of x86_64 computers networked together.  (And some that are still pending, for the RAC exercise.)


  1x AMD-based homegrown computer running OpenFiler 2.99 as iSCSI server

Monitoring and Support (licenses (more...)

OpenFiler – lost iSCSI disks after reboot. How To Restore

I've been using OpenFiler 2.99 as a NAS and iSCSI server for some tests.  

A few days ago I had a power outage and that caused me some problems, so I got another UPS and added the OpenFiler system to the UPS.  Unfortunately, even though  I cleanly (more...)

Oracle Database 12c is ‘out’ – some pleasant surprises

Without fanfare, other than a "didyaknow" on Oracle-L, Oracle 12c for Linux and Solaris became available on Oracle's edelivery site.

Some time later, the docs showed up at http://www.oracle.com/pls/db121/homepage and via http://docs.oracle.com (but not yet on tahiti.oracle.com) and on OTN's http://download.oracle.com

My (more...)

Musings on Standby Database

It seem that every few months, there is a renewed discussion about whether you need to license your standby database, whether standby is Data Guard, whether Data Guard can be used in Oracle Data Server Standard Edition, whether we have to pay if we just apply redo at night, and (more...)