OTN Yathra – past the 1/2 way mark

I am currently sitting in the hotel in Bangalore in India, catching my breath. We have finished 4 of the 6 cities in this tour.

I'm going to cheat tremendously and link to Lucas Jellema's blog about the tour, starting with http://technology.amis.nl/2013/01/27/otn-yathra-2013-the-six-city-oracle-tour-of-india/ as the overview.

Shamelessly linking Lucas' (more...)

OTN Yathra

What does Yathra mean?

Yathra is a Sanskrit word which means Journey.  In the northern states of India Yathra is spelled as Yatra.

Why is this relevant?

Oracle Technology Network, and the Oracle ACE and ACE Director programs are sponsoring a 6 city OTN tour, or Yathra, in India (more...)

Tom’s "12 top new features"

Tom Kyte, in Moscone South Room 103, looking ahead to the new features that will come up with new version of DB (12c) when it gets released.

1) "With" clause can define PL/SQL functions

2) Improved defaults, including Default col to a sequence or "default if (on) null".  Or (more...)

Linux, Virtualization and roadmaps

Listening to Wim talking about the roadmap for Virtualization.

The whole idea of Cloud is transforming the IT needs. Data centers are becoming Service centers, the stack is much more integrated and customers are demanding much more scalability, availability, agility.  Hypervisors need to be aware of each other, or (more...)

RAC Attack

Open World - Howard Street Tent, in the OTN lounge.

If you want to build a 2 node RAC on your laptop (which has 4GB RAM, Windows, 50GB disk) or you want to set one up on the Pythian laptops, come over.

I've been here this morning, helping out.

I'll (more...)