HP Mini T210 3F0 boot failure and System Rollback Data disk space issues with Roxio BackOnTrack / aswrvt.sys

| Mar 22, 2015

If you have an HP Mini 210 or 100 and have had issues with disk running out of space, failures to boot, I feel for you. After a heap of hassle, I sorted my out problems without having to reinstall Windows, and so I'm sharing my experiences as I found many many people with the same issue, but no central resolution. The issues I've had are as follows

  • Failure to boot: 3F0 Harddisk does not (more...)

Oracle BI Publisher Desktop Microsoft Visual Basic System Error &H8000FFFF -2147418113 Catastrophic failure

| Aug 8, 2013

Not too sure what I changed on my laptop, possibly just installation of another product or perhaps Microsoft or similar updates, but when I went to edit a BI Publisher RTF template I got the following error message on clicking ANY button in the BI Publisher plugin for Microsoft Word.


NZOUG 2013 Conference: Agenda online – register while Earlybird Pricing still here!

| Feb 21, 2013
The New Zealand Oracle Users Group - NZOUG Conference 2013 is open for registrations and Earlybird pricing is still available! The agenda is now available.

NZOUG 2013 is being held in Wellington at the iconic Te Papa Museum on the beautiful waterfront on the 18th and 19th of March, with an additional Workshop Day on the 20th March.

The conference will see a wealth of brilliant speakers from around the world, including Tom Kyte, Graham Wood, Andrew Holdsworth, John Schiff and Nadia Bendjedou and of course top speakers from Middle Earth (NZ) as well. Tom, Andrew and Graham will be (more...)

R12 E-Business Suite Suppliers Query – SQL to join Suppliers, Contacts, Banks

| Oct 2, 2011

In the Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) Release 12 the data model of Suppliers has become much more complex. The base tables have changed (Suppliers, Sites, Bank Accounts, Contacts) and some of the fields have become obsolete.

Here is a query to bring many of the Supplier attributes together, with focus on banks / bank accounts, payment methods, contacts, remittance delivery (email, notification method). Please post comments if you find any issues!

Adjust the WHERE clause on the first WITH query to return the suppliers that you need to report on. Hope this query helps someone out.

Add additional fields to (more...)

Track and Trace E-Business Suite Concurrent Request – EBS Logs, O/S Process IDs, Locks

| Aug 10, 2011

I often get asked to take a look at an Oracle eBusiness Suite concurrent request to see what it is doing, this can come from a few different angles:

  1. What requests are currently running?
  2. I have an operating system process that is taking too much CPU - what is it doing?
  3. Can you tell me where the request is at? I've clicked on the log but it doesn't show anything!
  4. My request is taking too long - can you check for blocking locks?

There are a number of strategies to track and trace where things are at for a running (more...)

Enhancement Requests and Bugs for Oracle eBusiness Suite

| Sep 20, 2010
From time to time I create enhancement requests or bugs, commonly on Oracle eBusiness Suite. Additionally I come across enhancement requests that I think deserve more visibility. This page is dedicated to that cause. If you have an Oracle Enhancement Request (ER) or Bug you would like to raise the visibility on, please feel free to comment or contact me.
If you like the looks of one of the Enhancement Requests noted below, log a (more...)

EBS Bursting: Filter on XML Elements using XPATH in Bursting Control File

| Aug 12, 2010

Just a quick post to give an example of a bursting control file that has multiple emails, with a filter based on XML Element in the data to select which email to send.

Oracle EBusiness Suite XML / BI Publisher Bursting Control File Example - Multiple Email Filter

Here it is:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<xapi:requestset xmlns:xapi="http://xmlns.oracle.com/oxp/xapi">
<xapi:globalData location="stream"/>
<xapi:email server="${XXX_SMTP}" port="25" from="${XXX_SEND_FROM}" reply-to ="${XXX_REPLY_TO}">
<xapi:message id="email1" to="${XXX_CUST_EMAIL}" cc="${XXX_ARCHIVE_EMAIL}" attachment="true" content-type="html/text" subject="Statement from ${ORG_NAME} - ${STATEMENT_DATE}">Hello,
Please find attached the Statement for period to ${STATEMENT_DATE}.
Internal Ref: Customer Email
<xapi:email (more...)

Environment Variables from database table – Oracle E-Business Suite

| Apr 5, 2010

Are you running Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) / Applications and want to get an operating system level environment variable value from a database table, for example for use in PL/SQL? Or perhaps to default a concurrent program parameter? Didn't think environment variables were stored in the database?

Try out out this query that shows you $FND_TOP:

select value
from   fnd_env_context
where  variable_name = 'FND_TOP'
and    concurrent_process_id = 
      ( select max(concurrent_process_id) from fnd_env_context );


Or did you want to find out the Product "TOP" directories e.g the full directory path values from fnd_appl_tops under APPL_TOP?


SQL: Override Address for Workflow Notification Mailer in the Oracle E-Business Suite

| Mar 21, 2010

In the Oracle E-Business Suite I often need to develop code that sends emails. Easy enough to jump in and code it using a variety of options like workflow, utl_smtp etc. but what sort of things do we need to consider here?

  • Don't hardcode Outbound SMTP Server details in your code
  • Source the SMTP Server details from a single location
  • For test/development environments we don't want to send out email to real email addresses, so use an email address for test purposes and source it from a single location
  • If you select an email address from a record in the (more...)

NZOUG Conference 2010 Agenda online now!

| Mar 3, 2010

I'm pleased to advise that the agenda is now online for the NZOUG 2010 Conference in Rotorua, March 15th / 16th.

The lineup of speakers is excellent, including a stack of Oracle Ace Directors:

  • Tim Hall
  • Chris Muir
  • Daniel Morgan
  • Franciso Munoz Alvarez
  • Robert Freeman

Only a week or so left so register for the conference now, and meet the Aces!

Find out more at the NZOUG Conference 2010 web page .

Disclaimer: I'm on the NZOUG Committee
Note: The speaker lineup/abstract list are subject to change.

Catch ya!
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Lessons in Loose Coupling – Special Delivery

| Dec 1, 2009
Photo credit: Kordite@Flickr

I'm generally nervous when I hear people that deal with software throw around the phrase "loosely coupled" with exhuberance. For me, loose coupling is one of the few phrases that resonates a feeling of ambivalence. An abstraction layer is a necessity, especially in proprietory software, to give you the coding hooks you need. Just be careful though to avoid Special Deliveries of Coal. Classic!

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Production Upgrade complete… hack obsolete!

| Nov 22, 2009

It had to happen. I've moved away from very retro hardware requirements and a couple of hacks to something much simpler, and more applicable to "modern" computers ie. those with USB ;-)

No. 8 wire solution no longer needed ... luckily the wires aren't that thick :-)



Bonus points to Readers that guess the application of this stuff!

Catch ya!
This is a post from Gareth's blog at http://garethroberts.blogspot.com


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My Oracle Support – Metalink to MOS survey results

| Nov 18, 2009
Ouch! Metalink to My Oracle Support Survey Report.

Revisited: Search Engine Plugins for Firefox to get directly to specific Oracle Patches, MOS Notes, Bugs

| Nov 8, 2009

Revisited: Following the upgrade from Metalink to My Oracle Support (MOS) I've updated the Note and Bug search engines (files oranote.xml and orabug.xml) per my prior post.

Revisited again 30-NOV-2010: Following the ARU change I've updated the Patch search engine (file orapatch.xml) per my prior post.

Navigate directly to a specific Oracle Patch, MOS/Metalink Note or Bug, speeding things up & sidestep that Flash! You gotta know the Patch/Note/Bug number you wanna get to:

Bye Bye Metalink, Hello MOS – My Oracle Support. Fingers crossed for continued HTML content!

| Nov 3, 2009

Disclaimer: This page may become out of date very quickly!

Only a couple of days of Metalink access left, with the change over to full My Oracle Support due on Friday - 6 November 09.

For me this is a somewhat sad occasion. Metalink has been around for such a long time, and has been a great companion, it will be a shame to see it go.

We now herald in the era of MOS (My Oracle Support). And of course, with any shiny new thing, there have been discussions and more discussions. With that debate there has been (more...)

HTML Formatting issues in EBS R12 XML Publisher Remittance Advice Emails aka. Use Inline CSS Styles in BIP

| Nov 2, 2009

Apologies for the cryptic title on this one. The issue is a simple but subtle one ... and if you're not an eBusiness Suite customer, but interested in the BIP HTML formatting part, please read on as the discussion may be relevant.

In the Oracle eBusiness Suite Release 12 there is an out-of-the-box solution for sending Payables Remitttance Advice notices via Email. The program is "Send Separate Remittance Advices" and is integrated into the Payments Process. The standard solution utilizes XML Publisher under the covers, but (at the time of writing) has been coded to force HTML output for the Email (more...)

Concurrent Program parameters in XML / BI Publisher Template – eBusiness Suite

| Nov 2, 2009

Just a short post with a note of how to get Oracle eBusiness Suite Concurrent Program Parameters into the output on an XML Publisher RTF Template.

There are two simple options, given an example parameter with token P_ORG_ID:

1. Add the concurrent program parameter as a field in the XML - this may be easier / necessary when you get to bursting or similar. Refer to the parameter using the usual <?P_ORG_ID?> RTF syntax.

2. Add the parameter using the param@begin syntax at the top of your RTF file:


And then refer the the value (more...)

BI / XML Publisher 5.4pt start-indent problems in XSL-FO blocks on EBS Check Format recursive template

| Nov 2, 2009
So you've just finished the first cut of your funky BI Publisher Check (Cheque) format template, and you feel pretty accomplished:
  • Logos, tables, non-preprinted stationary: Yes
  • Magnetic ink on printer loaded and ready to go: Yes
  • MICR font: Yes
  • Conditional signatures: Yes
  • Void check handling: Yes
  • Fixed Row Enumeration filler in tables via recursive templates: Yes

And then it all goes pear shaped … Doh!
Your filler recursive template does a dance to the right, indenting 5.4pt at a time.

With the cause in the XSL-FO template something like this: start-ident="5.4pt"

Well, you aren't the first person, or (more...)

NZOUG Conference 2010 Call for Papers – 15-16 March

| Oct 20, 2009

If you're interesting in presenting please take a moment to read this message from the New Zealand Oracle Users Group, and note the deadline for submissions is at the end of next week 31-Oct-09! For full information please see the NZOUG Website. Disclaimer: I'm on the NZOUG Committee.

The New Zealand Oracle Users Group is pleased to announce…

Call for Papers and Training for the 2010 Conference

15th and 16th March 2010

We only require your presentation or training topic and short abstract at this stage.

We invite all users and suppliers of Oracle technology, Oracle applications (more...)

OpenWorld 2009 done – back to Windy Wellington

| Oct 20, 2009

With OpenWorld 2009 all done plus a few highly enjoyable days in the Valley I'm now back at home. I had a fantastic time once again, second time around was much less daunting - I went for less sessions, more unconference and more shopping!

The first couple of days of OpenWorld this year seemed very light on attendees, but with a flurry of activity in the last few days and a fantastic appreciation event - an awesome performance from Aerosmith - things really picked up. Very few product announcements of essence from the Oracle team so the real highlights for (more...)