Knockout App Deployed to Android Device, Displayed in NetBeans IDE 8.0.1

| Sep 23, 2014

And... here's the same application as yesterday, now deployed as an Android APK via Cordova to my Android device, which you can see in this screenshot because I have the NetBeans Droid@Screen plugin installed.

It took me quite a while to get this working because I didn't know what was going wrong with the connection to the device. Turned out I hadn't installed the Samsung USB Driver: 

From Knockout with Java EE via Cordova to Android Emulator via Genymotion

| Sep 22, 2014

I've blogged about Genymotion before, to me it's simply a fantastic Android emulator. Now I'm able to deploy a Knockout front-end via ADB to Genymotion, while the Knockout front-end is able to make a connection to a REST back-end:

What you see above is Genymotion, displaying a Knockout front-end, that connects to a REST back-end running on localhost, while exposing the Manufacturer table from the Derby 'Sample' database that is part of NetBeans IDE (more...)