Integrating Cloud Providers into NetBeans IDE (Part 4)

| Dec 20, 2014

The next step in the process, now that we can register a Cloud provider and create new applications that will be deployed to it, is to actually deploy applications to the Cloud provider.

As an example I've taken OpenShift by Red Hat which, when you've created your application on it, shows you this result in the browser:

Also take note of the information in the Deployment Output window above, which comes from OpenShift.

To get (more...)

Integrating Cloud Providers into NetBeans IDE (Part 3)

| Dec 19, 2014

Now that we (1) can register new Cloud providers under the Cloud node and (2) automatically enable the resources made available by our Cloud provider to be displayed under the Servers node, let's take the next logical step in the development of our generic Cloud provider plugin for NetBeans IDE.

And what is the next logical step? Well, when the user creates a new Java web application, whether Ant-based or Maven-based, they need to be (more...)