Security and Engineering System Configuration Software on the NetBeans Platform

| Apr 29, 2013
Alphaopen is a software and solutions development company in the spheres of security and engineering systems.

The Alphalogic Software Platform is an Alphaopen product. It provides high level integration, control and monitoring of the engineering systems and security systems provided by Alphaopen. Alphalogic is an easy-to-use tool intended for engineering (more...)

JavaScript Development Software on the NetBeans Platform

| Apr 28, 2013

The Platypus Platform by Alternative-Soft in Russia is a JavaScript software platform for building enterprise applications. Platypus Application Designer is based on NetBeans Platform and allows you to develop the structure of database applications, reusable SQL queries, as well as client and server applications.


Data Discovery & Mapping Software on the NetBeans Platform

| Apr 27, 2013

Sypherlink Harvester automatically discovers key information, including metadata, database statistics, sample data and data profiling metrics from a variety of data sources, including relational, non-relational and non-traditional data sources.

It is clearly created on the NetBeans Platform (click to enlarge the image below):

Much more info and screenshots:

Universal UI for Relational Databases on the NetBeans Platform

| Apr 15, 2013

Schema-Independent End-User Front-End for Relational Databases (SIEUFERD) is a research system created at MIT, in Boston, on the NetBeans Platform. It aims to provide a universal user interface for relational databases.

Inspired by both Microsoft Excel and traditional FileMaker-style CRUD applications, SIEUFERD connects to any JDBC database and provides the (more...)

NASA Mission Operations on the NetBeans Platform (Part 4)

| Apr 14, 2013
Polaris Slipstream is an extensible data modeling tool designed to provide NASA Mission analysts a tool that not only visually models their workflow but allows for a data sandbox. Analysts can use this sandbox to explore variations on daily mission operations or offline analysis using experimental algorithms and configurations.

The (more...)

NASA Mission Operations on the NetBeans Platform (Part 3)

| Apr 13, 2013
The GEONS Ground System Software (GGSS) is an extensible ground system software tool designed to support any space mission that uses GEONS as its onboard navigation system. The GGSS has been deployed into mission operations and is proceeding through a multiple phase feature release schedule and acceptance testing in preparation (more...)

NASA Mission Operations on the NetBeans Platform (Part 2)

| Apr 11, 2013
The NASA Goddard Flight Dynamics Mission Services Monitor (AKA System Console) provides multiple mission post-launch support for flight dynamics data services. System Console was developed by NASA as (more...)

NASA Mission Operations on the NetBeans Platform

| Apr 11, 2013
The Deep Space Flight Dynamics Support System (DSFDSS) is a proposed prototype for auxiliary ground system support on Lagrange point missions. Lagrange point missions and similar deep space missions have different mission planning profiles than standard Low Earth Orbit missions. While COTS and custom ground system software exist that can (more...)

Breast Cancer Screening Software on the NetBeans Platform

| Apr 10, 2013

Physical-technical quality assurance is one of the essential tasks of the National Reference Centers in the German Breast Cancer Screening Program. For this purpose, mammography units are required to transfer measured values of constancy tests on a daily basis and all images created for this purpose on a weekly basis (more...)

Motion Capture Software on the NetBeans Platform

| Apr 9, 2013

IGS-Bio is a modular software application created by Animazoo, which is the world's leading manufacturer of inertial motion capture systems. It is used for capturing animations and biomechanical data. Apart from motion capture, which is its primary purpose, it can also be used to visualize and clean animations.

IGS-Bio (more...)

Electronic Medical Record Software on the NetBeans Platform

| Apr 8, 2013

Klinika Medical Assistant is an EMR (Electronic Medical Record) software being used in clinics in Manila, Philippines.

By the end of this year, the goal is to migrate the whole system to a lighter version, named Klinika Lite EMR, which will be based on the NetBeans Platform.


Aquatic Research Processing Software on the NetBeans Platform

| Apr 7, 2013

Satlantic is an ocean technology company that develops optical sensors for aquatic research and water quality monitoring.

Satlantic instruments are shipped with easy to use software for instrument setup, data logging, and processing.  Each software product is custom built for the various tasks that are typically performed.  The (more...)

Robotic Simulation Interface on the NetBeans Platform

| Apr 6, 2013

CIRSE stands for "Configurable Interface for a Robotic Simulation Environment". The aim of the project is to develop a highly configurable application to simulate robotic manipulation tasks.

Source code:


Development of the project started in September 2010 at the Instituto Tecnologico de Veracruz (ITVer), Mexico.  (more...)

Systems Biology Network Visualization on the NetBeans Platform

| Apr 5, 2013

Mongkie is an integrated network visualization platform which enables the interactive analysis of interconnected biological data:

Though a lot of applications on the NetBeans Platform have already been identified in the bioinformatics domain, what's especially interesting is that quite a few of them explicitly position themselves as platforms, rather (more...)

Vending Machine Management on the NetBeans Platform

| Apr 4, 2013

4Vending by Vendidata is a specialized solution, created on top of the NetBeans Platform, for managing vending businesses.

Almost every business process can be carried out efficiently with the help of 4Vending and its sophisticated tools. Whether you're dealing with parts management, vending machine configuration and composition, customers, suppliers, employees, (more...)

Open Source Debugger & Analyzer on the NetBeans Platform

| Apr 3, 2013

Piraso is an open source development tool, created on the NetBeans Platform, for debugging and analyzing request context log information captured from a supported Java web application. Piraso supports SQL and log4j context monitoring.

Screenshots (click to enlarge them):

  • SQL Data.

  • SQL Statements.

  • log4j Data.

Piraso provides developers with real-time (more...)

European Safety Requirement Software on the NetBeans Platform

| Apr 2, 2013

SafetyMach is technical support software for machines, equipment manufacturers, and designers, in relation to requirements defined by the EC Machines Directive 2006/42/CE. The software guides designers along the machine's CE markings, following the safety rules of the Machines Directive and the relevant technical norms.

SafetyMach is a Studio Favari (more...)

Eight Years Of Blogging on NetBeans

| Mar 31, 2013

It is now 8 years since I started this blog, i.e., it was 31 March 2005 when, inspired by my colleague at the time Roumen Strobl, I hesitantly began my existence as a blogger:

What pearls of wisdom do I have to show for these (more...)

Adding & Removing Connection Widgets

| Mar 30, 2013

Let's extend the example referred to yesterday. We'll let the user connect widgets with each other, after the Ctrl key is pressed and the mouse is moved from one widget to another.

Add the below to the AccountBuchWidget class:

private class AccountBuchConnectProvider implements ConnectProvider {
    public boolean (more...)

Keyboard Move Action

| Mar 29, 2013

By default, the MoveAction on Widgets in the NetBeans Visual Library lets the user move widgets via the mouse. But what about the keyboard? Using the code below, whenever the user presses Up/Down/Left/Right on a widget, it will move 20 pixels in that direction.

Note: Some little gotchas to be (more...)