wadl2java 1.1.4 released

We have released a new version of the wadl2java tool today with a bunch of new features and bug fixes. Again thanks for Pavel Bucek from the Jersey team for his continual help, and for the contribution from my JDeveloper team mate Michael Bachand.

New Features:

Using UriTemplate to change path parameters in a URI

I have been recently working on a client generator in the wadl.java.net project and I was solving a bug where I wanted to change path parameter on a URI. This turned out to be quite easy with existing classes that are part of the Jersey project.

First of (more...)

A little temporal feedback when running tests

I have been working a lot recently with a bunch of test jobs that are intermittently getting stuck. Now it is possible to work out the point where the problem is occurring by looking at the date labels on the LOG output; but it is hard visually to pick these (more...)

Proxying a request to localhost in Java

It can be very convenient when developing to server based application to run them using "localhost" in order to maintain consistency between developer machines. This is normally a good idea but there is a small case where this can cause problems.

Consider if you are running a local http proxy (more...)

JSON-Schema generation in Jersey

So in my previous post I talked about a proposal to allow the use of JSON-Schema in a WADL, this post looks at how to get this working with a recently build of Jersey. You are going to have to download / reference 1.16SNAPSHOT until 1.16 is released.