Book Review: OBIEE 11g: A Hands-On Tutorial

Since a few months, a new book has appeared in the Oracle Business Intelligence landscape. This is good news for the Oracle BI community because it gives us a new middle of communication and discovery. The book provides a more comprehensive approach that articles or blogs and gives a privileged and direct access with the [...]

OBIEE – Dimension fragmentation design to add an automatic filter with the choice of a column

In response to an original Idea of Venkat with this blog entry: [[|Puzzlers – Puzzle 1]] “How do we make BI EE to generate different filters for every column(within a dimension) chosen from Answers?” The idea is when you add the column Channel desc to an answer the query must be automatically filtered. You can [...]

Oracle Warehouse Builder 11g: Getting Started (Paperback) by Robert Griesemer

[[|{{ :book:oracle_warehouse_builder_getting_started_11g.jpg|}}]] [[|Oracle Warehouse Builder 11g: Getting Started by Robert Griesemer]] – ISBN 1847195741 Packt Publishing offer me the chance to review this book and I want to thank them as the author Robert Griesemer because writing a book is never an easy task. The book is a step by step tutorial offering to construct [...]

OBI Forum Live Second Edition

I’m going to present in the [[|OBI Forum Live]] the next week on the 3th Wednesday of Juny 2009. This second edition is really impressive and as I see that we will have parallel sessions, I’m already very disappointed because I couldn’t assist to all presentations : * Multi-Language Dashboards, [[|John Minkjan]] * Oracle BI [...]

Densification with OBIEE logical Sql (Sparse to dense data)

You may want to view the data in [[analytic:dense_sparse|dense]] form, with rows for all combination of dimension values displayed even when no fact data exist for them. And it’s also the most problem that you have when you work with [[analytic:function_time|time series calculations]] as the [[dat:obiee:presentation_service/obiee_period_to_period_lag_lead_function|lag/lead function]], is that the data are not [[analytic/dense_sparse|dense]]. This [...]

Obiee – How to configure the Mail server of Oracle BI Scheduler/Delivers

This article talk about the configuration of the smtp mail server of Oracle BI Scheduler. To set up the smtp server, you must enter at least this information as : * the sender address * the smtp server * the smtp port To be able to save an Ibot, you must have performed the [[dat:obiee:bi_scheduler:obiee_scheduler_configuration|initial [...]

OBIEE and Apex Integration

You may have sometime to change some data in your application. [[ide/apex|Apex]] is a great tool that allow you to develop and deploy rapidly a web based application. Here for our example, we must access to a vendor Apex form to change some values on it. Our goal is to have the report below in [...]

Obiee – Period to period comparison with the analytical function Lag/Lead

During [[|this thread]] on the Obiee forum, [[|Goran]] point out a solution for a period to period comparison with the analytical function lag. It was time for me to drill down in this analytical function and to compare it with the obiee time function : ago. [[analytic:analytic_functions:analytic_function_lag|lag and lead]] are analytical functions that can be [...]

Obiee – A special subject area to handle the dashboard parameters prompts

All the prompts in OBIEE are column based prompt. You can’t create a prompt if you don’t select a column. And as it’s the only way to set up a variable for a formula, it’s impossible to bypass this constraint. In our case, we don’t care about the value in the dimension column as we [...]

Obiee – How to suppress detail rows of a master group in a pivot view ?

You have detail rows of a group in a pivot table that you want suppress, We have two solutions : - if you don't need a total by "promo Category" (by post or by internet), you can create a new dimension with a formula - if you want a total by "promo Category", we must perform a cross conditional formatting.