Easy logging and debugging, version 2.0

Each application needs a simple way to log errors and find them. The following technique can also be used to debug Forms, Reports and PL/SQL. This version 2.0 has an important change. The username ist stored in the debugging-data and the viewname has changed a little bit.

First create the table, sequence and view to store the logging-information:
INSERT_USER VARCHAR2(30) (more...)

Just found

now I need a floppy drive for 3,5"


Rumors about Oracle Reports 12c

For nearly six weeks, it is rumored that Oracle Reports will not appear in the version 12c.

Since then, I tried to get information on this topic. After a few emails I got the info I needed.

The rumors are definitely wrong and no one at Oracle wants to cancel Reports 12c.

I hope that this cools down the rumor mill a little bit.


The German ADF-Community-Book was released today

The German ADF- (and Forms-) Community released their first book.

The "ADF book" is a compilation of German lectures, articles and workshop tutorials in Oracle ADF (some of the contributions are in English!). The authors are members of the German ADF community. The time frame covers the years 2010 to 2014. The project "ADF book" was implemented by a team of staff from partner companies and Oracle.

40 authors wrote 70 contributions on 1400 (more...)

Don’t use INC and DEC in PL/SQL Libraries

In my oldest PL/SQL-Library in Forms 4 my first procedures were:

P_Number := P_Number + 1;

P_Number := P_Number - 1;

In some variations with one or two parameters I used this Increment and Decrement since 20 years! Without having trouble in all the days.

Now I found out, that DEC isn't working in newer Oracle Forms (more...)

New Statement of Direction, September 2013

The actual lifetimes of Forms and Reports can be found in this document.

The most important at a glance:

Here are some of my older Statement of Directions private copies:

SoD Oracle Fusion 2013 / 09
SoD Forms 2012 / 03
SoD Oracle Fusion 2010 / 05
SoD Forms 2009 / 07
SoD Forms 2008 / 07
SoD Forms 2007 / 11
SoD Forms 2005 / 09
SoD Forms 2005 / 05
SoD Forms 2005 (more...)

Modernizing Forms Talk

The interview, I wrote about two days ago, was made in cooperation with my presentation "How to modernize Oracle Forms". And here is the video (50 minutes in german):

The link to the slides, used in the presentation, is here. It's german too, but I hope, that chapters like "Installation (more...)

DOAG interview

After my last conference-presentation I was interviewed by the DOAG. The interview is in german only and the topic is "Modernizing Forms".

Content of the interview + YouTube-Info:

Manysay about the appearance of Oracle Forms, this is no longer appropriate. Gerd Volberg from Opitz Consulting has looked at the (more...)

Oracle Forms in the Cloud – the next big thing?

The whole world speaks about working in the cloud. Why not Oracle Forms?

Why not...


Because: Oracle did it already...

Grant points to this webcast with the words: "Oracle Forms remains a key technology..."

Have fun listening to Michael and Roger

Behavior of Tab Canvases

The behavior of tab canvases ist very interesting, when your form gets more and more tabpages. Let's say, you have only three pages in your tab canvas. (Width Style Property = Fixed)
Forms automatically renders all three pages in the same size. That's what we expected.

In the next step we create a fourth tab:

If there is not enough space for all page-labels in the same size, then we see a first kind of resizing. All labels are readable. But the size of some pages is reduced.

If we create more tabpages:
At one point the label-text shrinks and (more...)

Forms Presentations at DOAG Conference 2012

And here are some tips for the DOAG Conference in Germany

Jan Peter Timmermann

Wolfgang Kriebel, Christian Kühne

My own presentation :

Perry Pakull

Stephan La Rocca

And in the afternoon we can attend at the Fusion Middleware Panel with Frank Nimphius, Duncan Mills and Jürgen Menge


Forms Modernization at Oracle Open World

Here are some tips for the Oracle "Forms" Open World 2012

Grant talks about The Future of Oracle Forms :

Lucas presentation is about The Future, too :

Mia and Grant talk together about face-lifting-tips for Forms :

More infos can be found on Grants blog and on Mia's blog

Have fun with it

Java 7 and Forms 11

Some days ago a new certification-document with an interesting info was updated:

Link to the certifications

In this excel-sheet is Forms certified with JRE 1.7.0_04+. Very good news! And now we can hope, that Forms 11.1.2 gets the same certification soon, because this is the latest version available on OTN :

And last but not least: " Please Oracle, certify Oracle Forms 10g with JRE 7 ! "

Java 7-Auto-Update, more Links

Here are some more links and notes to the Java 7 Auto-Update-Problem. You must log into "My Oracle Support" to see the metalink-notes.

Oracle Java SE Support Roadmap

Updated Java 6 EOL date

Note 1412103.2
Installation and Configuration for Oracle Java SE

Note 1467442.1
URGENT BULLETIN: All E-Business Suite End-Users Must Manually Apply JRE 6 Updates

Note 1469230.1
FAQ - Java SE Auto Update

Note 1470123.1
What Impact does the Desupport of Java 6 have on Fusion Middleware 11

Note 1470671.1
JRE7 Is Not Certified For Oracle Health Insurance

Actual version of JRE 1.6
Oracle JDK 6 update 33 (1.6.0_33)

have fun

Java 7-Auto-Update Warning

It looks like, that all forms-applications run into a huge problem, starting next week, July 3rd 2012.

Oracle's Java 1.6-Updater will automatically update the JRE to 1.7 on all PC's, where auto-update is activated. And Java 1.7 is not certified with Forms 10g, Forms 11g or the E-Business-Suite (EBS-forms-components)

I try to find all relevant informations to that topic and blog them afterwards. So feel free to share this blog to all customers who may have this problem next week.

Here are the first links:

The latest news directly from E-Business Suite Development

JRE Troubleshouting Guide

OTN (more...)

Future of Oracle Forms conference, part 4

Wilfred van der Deijl presented "Partial and or Gradual migration by embedding existing Forms in new UI technology".

Because Oracle didn't offer a migration solution from Oracle Forms to ADF, Wilfred showed a technique to integrate existing forms applications into a new ADF application. He called it OraFormsFaces, a framework, which allows him creating hybrid applications. The non-forms part must not be ADF, so you can use other web technologies too.

This hybrid way can be used to slightly move from forms to another technology, without having Big Bangs.

In the last presentation Steven Davelaar spoke about "JHeadstart: Real world (more...)

Future of Oracle Forms conference, part 3

Mia Urman started with the next presentation: "To infinity and beyond: Extend the life of your Oracle Forms application by running your existing Forms from next generation technologies/platforms without migration"

She demonstrated "next generation forms" with oraplayer. A tool, which recreates a form into a mobile version.

In the first step OraPlayer records a forms business scenario.

Then you publish it to the web. In the last step you create an UI in the technology of your choice.

While you playback the scenario you work and interact with a running forms-runtime in the background.

The presentation of Madi Serban showed (more...)

Future of Oracle Forms conference, part 2

While Lucas Jellema was presenting his keynote, he had a time slot for Grant Ronald, live from UK via skype.

Grant told us about how we should develop in forms today, how to migrate today to Forms 11 and Forms 12 in the future. One sentence was very clear: "There are no plans to desupport Oracle Forms".

In the next presentation Francois Degrelle spoke about "Modernizing Forms using Pluggable Java Components and the Forms Look and Feel project".

He started with "Why should we use Java Beans in our Forms"

He demonstrated interesting java beans like a java calendar, a (more...)

Future of Oracle Forms conference, part 1

Yesterday I attend at the "Future of Oracle Forms" conference in Nieuwegein, Netherland.

Great conference !

Lucas Jellema from AMIS started as host with a wide overview over the history of forms, the evolution and future of forms.

After that the day was structured into 3 parts. In the first part each speaker has 30 minutes to show the topics of his presentation. Each speaker got an additionally 45 minutes afterwards, where 3 tracks run parallel in separate rooms. Last but not least, each speaker gave a 120 minutes hands-on in the evening.

to be continued tomorrow in part 2

Conference "Future of Oracle Forms"

I got an invitation to an interesting conference in the netherlands next week (May 15th 2012).

AMIS in the netherlands is the initiator of the conference and host, too.

The conference is splitted into two parts. From 9 to 5 we will hear many presentations from the top speakers in europe. Francois Degrelle, Wilfried van der Deijl, Mia Urman and many others are on the list. In the evening we can use our own notebook to participate in hands-on-sessions!

That will be a good chance, to hear and see, what can be done to modernize your Oracle Forms.

Links to (more...)