New Statement of Direction, March 2012

This is the new Statement of Direction from March 2012. (My last SoD-Post)

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The Future of Oracle Forms is …. Forms

Many thanks to Mia. She gave me the tip to her blog

where she pointed to Grant's presentation:

That's the first time, that we directly hear from Oracle, that the best technology to where we should migrate to, is .... Oracle Forms

and not Java, APEX, ADF (more...)

Save Oracle Reports

Many thanks to all of you. I got many emails in the first days of my "Save Oracle Reports" campaign.

I forwarded all emails last week to Oracle Product Management.

I'm interested if we get response... and what kind of response, if we get one.

We need

Campaign Save Oracle Reports

I started last thursday the campaign "Save Oracle Reports" and I get more and more EMails. All of them have company-wide applications running with forms and reports and cannot live without reports.

One customer (thanks to Markus) pointed me on the actual OTN-Forms-Forum-Poll named "How many Oracle Reports do you (more...)

Oracle Reports is dying?

At the DOAG Development Panel yesterday was told about the future of Oracle Reports. That did not sound good

Next week there will be an important internal meeting at Oracle, where they speak over the future of Oracle Reports in the Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c. It looks like, that the (more...)