Oracle Database Developer Choice Awards

I have learned a lot from other people in the Oracle Community over the years and I bet a lot of you have too.
Now it's time to give them some recognition by the means of an award.

Until 15 October you can cast your vote.

These are the categories:

Signs of Oracle Forms 12c

Yesterday I ran into an Oracle Forms bug.  Something pretty weird.  

In some cases a form raised the following error: "FRM-40737:Illegal restricted procedure SYNCHRONIZE in PRE-FORM trigger".
The code was in it for years, works on the development and production environment, but not on the testing environment.

I started searching for what could be wrong and ended up on "My Oracle Support" and found a bug filed for something similar. 
But the solution (more...)

Statement restart

I wrote a blog post about it on the iAdvise blog some years ago and once in a while it pops up again: "Statement restart".
Like today, a colleague telling me that a mail is sent more than once sometimes and we noticed that the mail is sent from a trigger.

European K-Scope like conference

Some time ago there was a discussion on twitter about the ODTUG KScope conference and how hard it is for Europeans to get to conferences in the US. This was a discussion between Kim Berg Hansen from Denmark, Eric van Roon from The Netherland and myself from Belgium.

News on Oracle Forms

In a previous blog post about Oracle Forms I ended with saying that if you have any questions regarding Oracle Forms, you shouldn't hesitate to address your questions to Oracle Forms Product Management.
Well, today you had a chance to get your questions answered in a Webinar by Michael Ferrante, the productmanager for Oracle Forms.

Oracle Open World proposal

Last day for submitting a proposal for Oracle Open World 2015!

I submitted a paper yesterday and hope to get the chance again to speak at the biggest Oracle conference.

Why should you submit?
Not only you'll be speaking about "your" topic and interest at the biggest Oracle event of the year, you'll also have the chance to attend very interesting sessions on all Oracle topics you can think of.

Oracle Forms and 12c

Past few weeks I received some questions on Oracle Forms and 12c.
Well, two types of question, first on the future of Forms and the next version, 12c that is, and on Oracle Forms combined with the Oracle 12c database.


A short introduction about me, Gert Poel, the man behind GeoP-IT.
After I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Informatics, I took an intensive course in Oracle tools.  Within two months, I was immersed in Oracle SQL, PL/SQL, Forms, Reports and Designer.
I gained a lot of experience in development projects and became a specialist in SQL, PL/SQL and Forms.