Know What Changed

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Find Configuration Changes with My Oracle Support’s Configuration-Based Services

When customers log technical Service Requests, one of the first things we want to know is, “What changed?” Changes in a configuration are often the cause of newly reported issues.

Some of the most powerful uses of configuration (more...)

Improve Database Performance

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Best Practices: Proactive Data Collection for Performance Issues


A common problem for analysis of performance issues is having the right diagnostic tool or trace in place during the first occurrence of the problem. This is not always possible, but chances for a quicker resolution and potential Root Cause (more...)

Improve Your Hardware Support Experience

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Use These Hardware Essentials


Oracle Hardware customers who are running Oracle Solaris or Oracle Solaris x86, can improve their support experience. Oracle Support recommends these three Hardware Essentials to all Oracle Hardware customers:

  1. Download and install the Services Tools Bundle. This bundle has Oracle Explorer Data Collector, Oracle Remote Diagnostic Agent, Oracle Serial Number in EEPROM (SNEEP), and Oracle Automatic Crash Dump Tool (ACT). The bundle is available for Solaris and Solaris x86, release 8 onwards.
    1. Download—Log into My Oracle Support and follow the links on this document to download the latest.
    2. Learn More—Take a few (more...)