How to Install Oracle 11gR2 XE on Ubuntu

I wanted to import a datapump dumpfile to my laptop, and I wondered if I can install Oracle XE to ubuntu guest. I thought it would be easy because I installed Oracle 10g XE to ubuntu for several times, but I saw that Oracle doesn’t provide debian packages for Oracle 11g XE. So I needed to convert the RPM to debian package (and fix incompatibility problems). Therefor, I installed “alien” package and other required tools (more...)

OMS Upgrade Fails At Repository Configuration With Error ORA-20251

Yesterday, one of my blog readers asked me how I didn’t encounter ORA-20251 error when upgrading my EM12c to EM13c. He also pointed My Oracle Support document (Doc ID 2095025.1). The document says a new record will be inserted into EM_COST_CENTERS table (in fact the table name is EM_COST_CENTERS_E but it’s not relevant) for all users whose department value is not blank during the upgrade. If there are more than one records with blank (more...)

New Oracle ACE Director: Me :-)


I’m very proud to announce that I am accepted as an Oracle ACE Director. Now I’m part of a special club which has only 133 members (for now) in the world. It’s surely a milestone for my carrier. I would like to thank to Gurcan Orhan, Kellyn Pot’Vin-Gorman, Jeff Smith, Julian Dontcheff, Kamran Aghayev and Heli Helskyaho for being reference for my ACED nomination. I would also like to (more...)

OUGN 2016 Twitter Statistics

As I mentioned in my previous post, OUGN Spring event is held on a cruise ship which does round trips between Oslo and Kiel. As I heard from other speakers, in previous years, there were not internet connection on the boat and people were totally isolated from the world (and social media). This year, we had internet connection almost everywhere even in our cabins. So we were able to use tweeter during the event. (more...)

OUGN 2016 Spring Conference

Between March 9th and 12th, I was in Oslo to speak at OUGN 2016 Spring Conference. It is my first time in Norway, so I thought it will be very cold and therefore I prepared well (brought thickest clothes with me) but the weather was surprisingly calm although the thermometer indicates 1-2 degrees celsius. I attended to the speakers dinner organized by OUGN Conference Committee. The dinner was great and I had a change to (more...)

Directory Structure and Locations of Important Trace and Log Files of Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c

Because of the size and complexity of the Enterprise Manager Cloud Control software, while browsing through the folders on OMS server, you may feel confused and think that everything is in complete disorder. In fact, the directory structure of EM13c is quite simple. During EM13c installation (“advanced mode”), the installer expects you to enter the folder names:

  • Middleware home location (MW_HOME)
  • OMS instance base location (EM_INSTANCE_BASE)
  • Agent base location

Depending on your inputs, the installer (more...)

EM13c: How to Disable Autodiscovery (and Autopromotion) of Clusterware Managed Targets

After we upgraded EM13c, I encountered a problem about automatically promoted listener targets. Since EM12c, I do not add/promote listeners. In earlier versions of EM12c, I had weird problems while monitoring listeners on RAC systems (such as they are detected down although they’re up). Since then, I don’t monitor them (specially SCAN listeners). In EM12c, when I remove a listener, it doesn’t promoted again. With EM13c, I see that listeners are discovered and promoted automatically (more...)

Which Management Packs are Required for Using the Notifications Feature from Cloud Control?

Sending notification emails shouldn’t require any licenses right? Unfortunately it might be more complicated than it seems

As you know Enterprise Manager Cloud Control provides a web interface called web console, and (naturally) it consists of web pages that enables you to access the features of Enterprise Manager Framework. Some of these features (mostly the basic ones) are free but some of them require you to buy management pack licenses. When you’re not sure if (more...)

Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c Initial Setup Console

When I was trying to discover the new features of EM13c, I noticed that EM13c provides you a new console called the Initial Setup Console. If you’re new to Enterprise Manager, you may wonder if you configured EM properly. The initial setup console is a great starting point to set up Enterprise Manager Cloud Control. You can reach this console under the setup menu.


It will help you to perform the following tasks:

How to Upgrade Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c to EM13c

You have probably heard that Oracle released Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c on Friday. It’s the first product from Oracle with the number 13 in its release label. It seems Oracle doesn’t care about the bad luck of 13 :) The new version comes with great features and maybe the most significant one is the unification of hardware and software management. In Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c, some of the important hardware management features of “Ops Center” (more...)