Abyssinian: Jazz at Lincoln Center Full Concert

It's my opinion that the pinnacle of artistic contribution from the American experience is found in Jazz (proof that art and suffering go hand in hand?). And I remain convinced that one of the most important exponents of Jazz as not just "high art" but truly great art is Wynton Marsalis.

Check out this Jazz-meets-Gospel concert in full. A uniquely American synthesis; uniquely wonderful.

And so it goes

Between just being flat out busy and frankly finding Twitter a much lazier way to share basic information, this blog has been dormant for too long. In May, it will get a lot more attention - too much is going on in the Big Data space and Hadoop area more specifically to keep so quiet about it. Time to speak up a bit...

Google Spanner

The key paper is here - worth reading over in its entirety.

One observation I have is that this is actually pretty straightforward. The genesis of these kinds of solutions may be companies like Google, but it is no longer safe to assume that this kind of infrastructure is meant (more...)

Coming Out

The last 16 years or so of my professional life have been dedicated to working on problems (and solutions!) in transactional middleware - by this, I mean systems that provide strong consistency guarantees: reliable queueing, distributed 2pc engines, higher level quality of service guarantees for lower level protocols (iiop, (more...)

Big Data market roundup

Big Data market roundup

Twitter account

Have given in: @PavlikGreg

Service Computation 2012

CFP extended to mid-March - see details here: http://www.iaria.org/conferences2012/CfPSERVICECOMPUTATION12.html

Twitter Liquidity

Interesting read: http://pandodaily.com/2012/02/14/go-costolo-go-cashing-out-options-should-be-a-privilege-not-a-right/

Big Files

Dave Berry starting new twitter feed on big data movement, something we were deeply worried about back when I was trying to do middleware for digital media assets. I expect he'll find some interesting stuff: http://twitter.com/@BigFiles

GITPRO World 2012

My friend and old colleague Khanderao Kand just flagged me with the latest update on the GITPRO 2012 conference. It's this Saturday starting at 9am in Palo Alto - panels on big data and cloud look very interesting.

Cloud commentary

Bruce Tierney from Oracle covered my cloud talk at Gartner's application architecture conference a few weeks back - he highlights some points I think are important.


Speaking tomorrow at Gartner's Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit on cloud computing and integration in Vegas at 9:45am: if you are there, please stop by to talk.

WESOA 2011 CFP – Cyprus!

Have again this year happily agreed to work the program committee for wesoa, the always useful workshop attached to icsoc. This year, wesoa will be in Cyprus, which should make my attendance a bit more challenging than last year's event in San Francisco...


WESOA 2011

7th INT. (more...)

Japanese Disaster Aid

Latest from the New York Times.

Please consider giving relief aid to Japan for the worst disaster since the second world war. Appended is a list of relief agencies accepting donations for Japanese relief work compiled by the Associated Press:

U.S. organizations accepting donations to assist Japan included:

Adventist (more...)

Money for nothing

A few years back I participated in a study on early stage investing in Russia - motivated by the fact that there is a lot of money staged by both the Russian government and Russian investors. What's become even more intriguing since then is the flow of Russian money to (more...)

Feedly: the iPhone just got a lot better

For several years, I've been using Feedly on my personal computer to quickly browse across lots of content from news feeds, blogs, and other sites of interest. It's been a very handy way to keep up on information from lots of sources without getting bogged down - scan lots of (more...)

WESOA 2010 – SF December 7th

This year, both the International Conference on Service Oriented Computing and the long running companion Workshop on Engineering Service Oriented Applications will be in San Francisco. I have had a long involvement with both as a program committee member, presenter and author and have always found them to be valuable (more...)

Oracle SOA 11g Books

I'm impressed: a list of books that have been published for users of Oracle SOA and BPM portfolio products. I'm very proud to know many of the authors as friends and most of the developers.

Getting Started with Oracle SOA Suite 11g - A Hands on Tutorial

Oracle SOA 11g (more...)

OpenWorld Focus on SOA

Hope to see many long time and new friends and colleagues at Open World and JavaOne this year. Take a look at the Focus on SOA document to get oriented this year.

Warming Trends: a taste of things to come?

While I was in Moscow a few weeks back, the temperatures were stably higher than anything ever experienced in the history of record keeping: temperatures were literally unbearable. Traveling to India after that - where temperatures were thankfully cooler - I was impressed by exactly how difficult it will be (more...)