Five Ideas: Human Capital Management


In March, Oracle hosted Oracle HCM World in Washington DC. Human resources, talent management, and business leaders heard from industry influencers, shared best practices, and learned how forward-thinking organizations are employing modern HR to transform their organizations.

Here, learn more from human capital management experts, including Oracle’s own HCM leaders, about how today’s smart managers are leveraging new solutions, including emerging technology, to recruit the best talent—and keep workers happy and engaged.

“I think the (more...)

The Need to Take a Look under the Covers

By Andy Campbell

There was no debate, no disagreement, just a sea of nodding heads. ‘We know that performance management systems don’t work and most people hate then. The same usually applies to succession planning as well. That’s just a given’. It was an interesting start to a very engaging lunchtime discussion. 

The occasion was the launch of the latest PARC research into HR, Technology and Analytics, a copy of which can be downloaded (more...)