And then there were four – the JCP.Next effort continues!

The JCP Executive Committee (EC) continues to work on improving the JCP program as part of the JCP.Next effort started in 2010.  Several JSRs have started going through the process.

First: JSR 348, Transparency aka JCP 2.8 (implemented in 2010-2011).

Second: JSR 355, EC Merge (implemented in 2012-2013).

Third: JSR 358, A major Revision to the Java Community Process.  This JSR continues in development.  It is difficult (more...)

April JSR Updates and JCP.Next Progress Report

March was an exciting month with the Java 8 launch, and April continues to keep the JCP community active with new JSRs, a JSR posting Public Review milestone, several JSRs preparing for Final Release and some JSRs holding Maintenance Reviews. 

The JCP Executive Committee (EC) has been working since 2011 on the JCP.Next effort to evolve the JCP program itself.  In 2011, JSR 348 introduced JCP version 2.8 to increase transparency (more...)

JSR updates – May 2013

This month the JCP has been busy posting the Final Releases for the Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) 7 JSRs.  There were also two JSR Early Draft Reviews this month (see below for details). In April, the Java EE 7 JSRs passed the JCP EC Final Approval Ballots, (more...)

Adopt-a-JSR Meeting 31 May

Please join us for the next Adopt-a-JSR meeting scheduled for Friday, 31 May at 08:00 am PDT (meeting details below).  Bruno Souza and Martijn Verburg will be joining to discuss how to expand the Adopt-a-JSR programs into other languages beyond English and Portuguese--French, German, Spanish...

New, current and curious (more...)

JSR updates – April 30

The final set of Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) 7 Platform JSRs have passed their Executive Committee (EC) Final Approval Ballots yesterday!

  • JSR 236, Concurrency Utilities for Java EE, passed the EC Final Approval Ballot with 19 yes votes.
  • JSR 340, Java Servlet 3.1, passed the EC (more...)

JSR updates – Java EE 7 JSRs

The first Java EE 7 JSRs have successfully passed their JCP Final Approval Ballots (FAB), the final JCP Executive Committee (EC) vote of the JSR lifecycle, and will progress to Final Release as their next milestone.

JSR 343, Java Message Service 2.0,  passed the FAB with 22 (more...)

JSR updates

JSR updates for February and March 2013!  Busy times for the JCP, particularly for Java EE 7 Java Specification Requests (JSRs).  A few Java SE 8 JSRs have posted updated milestone drafts, as well.  See below for more...

New JSR approved:  JSR 362, Portlet Specification 3.0; now accepting (more...)