Friday Spotlight: Manage NFS file systems within Oracle VM

Many customers are using NFS storage in addition to iSCSI or Fibre Channel for Oracle VM deployment. There are some concepts you need to understand in order to plan, implement and manage NFS file systems effectively in Oracle VM.  Greg King, Principle Best Practices Consultant from Oracle VM Product Management wrote the blog to discuss an important aspect about discovering and managing NFS file servers in Oracle VM Manager.

Oracle VM 3.2.3 and Oracle VM Server for SPARC updates

| Apr 23, 2013

We’ve released the latest Oracle VM 3.2.3 patch updates, which are
available for download from My Oracle Support. Oracle
VM Server packages are also available from Oracle Unbreakable Linux Network
(Oracle VM Sever 3.2.1 Patch Channel or Oracle VM 3 Latest Channel).
The patch updates include (more…)