Install APEX Packaged Application by Importing its SQL Script

If for some reason, you could not install the APEX packaged application via Application Builder > Packaged Applications interface, you have an option of installing it by importing the SQL script (fxxxx.sql).

In my case, when installing via the Packaged Applications interface, I got the following error:

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 12.06.48 PM

While working (more...)

Oracle Database Gateways 11g R2 (11.2) Installation and Configuration for heterogeneous connection from Oracle to Microsoft SQL database


Install the Oracle Database Gateways 11g R2 (11.2). See the screen snapshots of the installation here.


  • During the installation, the following default initialization parameter file is created:
dg4msql = Database gateway for Microsoft SQL Server. 
If you choose a different database option,  (more...)

How long did Oracle materialized view refresh run?

The LAST_REFRESH_DATE column of the DBA_MVIEWS or the LAST_REFRESH column of the DBA_MVIEW_REFRESH_TIMES indicates the start refresh time. But what if we’d like to find out how long the refresh of the materialized view really takes. Well, we can query the DBA_MVIEW_ANALYSIS.

For Complete Refresh, the refresh duration will be in the FULLREFRESHTIM column of the DBA_MVIEW_ANALYSIS. For Fast Refresh duration, it will be in the INCREFRESHTIM column.

Both values are in seconds.

SELECT mview_name, last_refresh_date, fullrefreshtim, increfreshtim
FROM dba_mview_analysis
WHERE owner='JOHN';

------------------------ ---------------------- -------------- -------------
MV_CHANGE_HISTORY        07-JAN-13 04.36.58 PM               0             (more...)

Create Google Tasks by sending email to Google GMail Address

I use Google Tasks for a quick to-do list. It has clean interface and is easy to use. On desktop or laptop machine, it is built-in to Google Mail for quick access. On smartphones, many to-do apps including Tasks N Todos sync with Google tasks.

The neat thing is that in the Google Mail, you can add Gmail messages into the task list very easily by selecting the messages and then using More Actions > Add to Tasks. What if you want to add email messages from other mails like that from work, or Yahoo Mail, etc., it doesn’t (more...)

Resizing the filesystem using Logical Volume Manager within Oracle Linux

Oftentimes we all run into the situation where the file system is full (or almost full) and need more space. This expansion task seems to be a lot easier when using the Logical Volume Manager (LVM) in Oracle Linux.

  • Review the current size.
[root@ol6 ~]# df -H
Filesystem                 Size   Used  Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/mapper/vg_ol6-lv_root 27G    22G   3.8G  86% /
tmpfs                      1.3G   209M   1.1G  17% /dev/shm
/dev/sda1                  508M    97M   385M  21% /boot
Downloads                  750G   172G   578G  23% /media/sf_Downloads

Plan to add 30G to the root file system.

  • Create a partition on the newly-added disk.
[root@ol6 ~]# fdisk  (more...)

Customize/Personalize Oracle APEX Workspace Environment

When you have multiple Oracle APEX environments, e.g., development, test, UAT and production, and for multiple groups, one of the confusing things is that sometimes developers are lost on which environment they’re working on. Most of technically proficient developers can make a distinction easily from the URLs they’re currently using. However, most of less technically proficient (e.g., business users) sometimes cannot.

A quick and simple solution here is to make a visual distinction on the APEX workspace pages especially on the logo area. Instead of using plain vanilla logo images, they are replaced with more distinct (more...)

Book Review: Android Application Testing Guide (Deigo Torres Milano) by PACKT Publishing

Android Application Testing Guide book  (Diego Torres Milano) by Packt PublishingWhen I was offered to review this book, I was so excited. The topic is probably one of the least popular topics in the Android development circle based on the number of books written on Android. Most of the books in the market tend to cover solely on the area of actual development because it gives readers an instant gratification when creating something. However, it is unfortunate (but true) that the application testing might be something most developers least think about, or if they do, they not do it systematically. (I’m guilty of this as well.) I would like (more...)

Oracle APEX (Application Express) Built-in LDAP Test Tool Stand-alone Application

Oracle APEX provides multiple ways for authentication. The most commonly used one is the LDAP authentication. Configuring it is very straight-forward in most cases – just providing the LDAP host, port, whether or not to use SSL, and finally the DN string. See here and here for posts about APEX LDAP configuration.

Sometime you want to test the LDAP configuration before deploying it. You can either use the 3rd-party tools to validate the configurations, or create an APEX application to test the logon, or use the built-in LDAP test tool in APEX.

The built-in APEX LDAP test tool can be (more...)

Book Review: Oracle 11g R1/R2 Real Application Clusters Essentials by Ben Prusinski and Syed Jaffer Hussain (Packt Publishing)

Oracle 11g R1/R2 Real Application Clusters EssentialsOracle Real Application Cluster (RAC)  becomes the technology of choice for highly available and highly scalable deployment of enterprise Oracle database environment. With its innovative technology it comes with no surprise its complexity. The complexity is not only with the underlying database technology itself, but also how well you design and implement it to work with other components including operating system, storage subsystem, etc. In order to setup and maintain a successful RAC environment, it not only requires technical knowledge of database administrator (DBA), but also well collaboration and extended planning between all IT and business partners.

Few years (more...)

SQL Developer with “I/O Error: SSO Failed: Native SSPI library not loaded” when connecting to MS SQL using Windows Authentication

I encountered this error “I/O Error: SSO Failed: Native SSPI library not loaded” when using Oracle SQL Developer connecting to a MS SQL database using Windows Authentication. Fortunately, couple web sites (here and here) already mentioned about this.

Error when using SQL Developer to connect to MS SQL using Windows Authentication

Basically, from the  jTDS distribution downloaded files, I have to copy a DLL file named ntlmauth.dll (which is for NT authentication) under the jtds-x.x.x-dist\x86\SSO\ or jtds-x.x.x-dist\x64\SSO\, to any directories in the PATH environment. I copied it to the bin directory of the JDK (which I already have it in the (more...)