Message-Oriented Oracle RAC wait events

Message-Oriented Oracle RAC wait event

The message-oriented wait event statistics indicate that no block was received because it was not cached in any instance. Instead, a global grant was given, enabling the requesting instance to read the block from disk or modify it.

If the local instance is the resource master, the grant happens immediately.If not, the grant is always 2-way, regardless of the number of instances in the cluster.

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Block-Related Oracle Rac Wait Events – Part 2

An event can be anything that Oracle has to perform on behalf of a set of instructions sent by the user interface. The term “wait” is used because every time a user connects to your application, a resource is allocated to perform tasks on its behalf. The waiting comes when a session is waiting for an action, sometimes from a user and at other times from the database

3. gc cr block 2-way :

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