Generating AWR report from Active Dataguard

Oracle 12.2 came up with a new feature that we can generate AWR report from Physical Standby database if we have enabled active datagaurd.

We need to perform the following steps to enable AWR reporting from a physical standby database.

Step 1: Unlock SYS$UMF user and change its password using SYS user. SYS$UMF account is used to administer Remote Management Framework, including the remote Automatic Workload Repository (AWR).

SQL>alter user sys$umf identified by oracle  (more...)

Upgrade and Patch Application in Application Container

In previous article we have seen Installing Application and Synchronizing it with Application PDB.

Introduction to Application Container

Application Container Creation and Installation of Application

In this article, we will see upgrading Application and Patching Application.

1. Upgrade Application in Application Container :

Before starting application upgrade you need to know the current version of Application.

Step 1: Connect the current container as app-pdb


Step 2: Check the current version pd (more...)