Virgin Media Speeds In Nottingham

Somewhat off-topic today, but something that I’ve recorded here to showcase the current state and see if anyone else is getting similar issues. A colleague of mine and I have beenĀ measuring our broadband speeds since the start of the year. We both live in Nottingham and pay for a residential Virgin Media 200mbps line which

Simple iptables Rules for Ubuntu/ Debian VPS

The following iptables rules are are a starting point to add basic firewall security to a public facing server, such as a public VPS. The primary focus is to stop any inbound traffic other than SSH, which is required for shell access. The biggest issue with public VPS providers is that often some iptables features

Setting Memory Resource Limits With LXC

  Linux Container (LXC) management is now often dealt with by LXD, the Canonical lead project built on top of LXC. LXD offers a suite of options for controlling Linux Container resources and setting limits where appropriate. This post will talk about setting constraints on CPU, however other options are available for limiting almost any