Accessing VNC Console for ODA WLS Virtual Machines 2.5

When working on the ODA patch 2.5 there maybe occasions where you need to VNC into the virtual machine to try and diagnose issues because the standard oakcli doesn't provide enough information. I believe in 2.6 a new function has been a introduced to make this easier ( (more...)

BPM Web Forms not Enabled in BPM Composer

I have just upgraded my BPM to (PS 6). There has been a lot of talk about this release as it provides lots of functionality on the BPM Composer. I was keen to have a loom at the new features such as (more...)

Searching Google Maps with ADF


I posted a blog some time ago about integrating Google Maps with ADF. To get this to work you needed to have the geocodes , i.e. longitude and latitude. You may have an application that you want to search for an address. This (more...)