Using JAXB for Manipulating Payload of Human Tasks in SOA Suite

In some cases you may want to manipulate the payload of a human task of an OPBM or BPEL process instance using JAXB. An example would be when you are using some other framework than ADF Faces for creating the UI, and you want to work with Java objects instead (more...)

DWM FT and Hyperion BPM Solution Workbench for Essbase Retired

As of December 2010, OUM provided full support - Estimating, Delivery, and Training - for Business Intelligence (BI) Custom engagements (including Hyperion Essbase). This support represented a major milestone in the evolution of OUM and enables BI Custom (including Hyperion Essbase) practices to transition from the legacy methods to (more...)

Use Cases or User Stories

When teaching use cases, a question that comes up now and then is what the difference is between a use case and a user story as used on agile projects. There is a lot to be found on the internet discussing this. Two useful references and a start for further (more...)

Old Methods Die, Long Live OUM!

Just wanted to let you know that the retirement of the following methods is planned for June 01, 2011:

* Oracle Data Warehouse Method Fast Track (DWM FT)
* Hyperion BPM Solution Workbench for Essbase Engagements

OUM 5.4 Has Been Released!

Yesterday OUM 5.4 has been released. Among other things, the following improvements has been made:
  • Tactical SOA View added
  • Various techniques regarding monitoring and improving SOA (instrumentation)
  • A white paper about how to apply OUM with Scrum
  • Several SOA templates
The Tactical SOA View helps to get up-to-speed with (more...)

Installing OBPM Suite 11g PS3 using XE

When installing the OBPM Suite 11g PS3, I ran into an issue with the Metadata Services (MDS) schema on my XE database. The error I got when I tried to start the WLS SOA domain was "ORA-04063: package body "DEV_MDS.MDS_INTERNAL_SHREDDED" has errors". I checked the schema and found that (more...)

OPBM and External Activities

I'm currently involved in a project where OBPM 10g is being used in combination with another system providing the user interface.

The idea is that this external system (let's call it system X), polls the engine to find out if there is a task to perform by some logged on (more...)

Some Tips for Installing Oracle BPM 11g on Windows XP

Some tips to get Oracle BPM 11g running on Windows XP, that you may not easily find in the documentation available.

What to collect before you install Software used:
  • Oracle 10g XE Universal
  • Repository Creation Utility
  • Weblogic 10.3.3 + Coherence - Package Installer
  • (more...)