Digital Transformation Instead of Technology Evolution: Cox Enterprises’ Digital Workplace Success with Oracle WebCenter Portal

WebCenter portal devicesIn 2014, Fishbowl Solutions engaged with Cox Enterprises to build its employee digital workplace. Prior to that engagement, Fishbowl delivered numerous employee, customer, and partner portals/intranets, but this was our first project where the word portal wasn’t being used to describe what Cox Enterprises would be building and delivering to its employees. Instead, the phrase “digital workplace” detailed how Cox envisioned a consumer-like digital experience that promoted collaboration, sparked innovation, and helped employees get their (more...)

Upgrading to Oracle WebCenter Content or Portal 12c: If not now, when?

Fishbowl Solutions will be kicking off a webinar series starting next Thursday, August 3rd. Our first webinar topic will be “5 Key Reasons to Upgrade to Oracle WebCenter Content or Portal 12c”. Why did we pick this topic, and why is this topic relevant now? Those are both good questions, especially if you are a well-informed WebCenter customer and you know that 12c was released almost 2 years ago.

To answer those questions, please (more...)