Automate your PDMWorks, EPDM, and File System to PTC Windchill Data Migrations Using Fishbowl’s LinkLoader

Companies don’t invest in Windchill so they can execute lengthy, complicated, expensive data migration projects. They invest in Windchill so they can realize the benefits of a well-executed PLM strategy. However, the lynchpin of a good Windchill deployment is getting accurate data into Windchill…and the faster it happens, the faster a company can move on their PLM strategy.

Fishbowl Solutions has worked with numerous customers on enterprise data migration projects over the years. When many (more...)

Leveraging Google Cloud Search to Provide a 360 Degree View to Product Information Existing in PTC® Windchill® and other Data Systems

Most organizations have silos of content spread out amongst databases, file shares, and one or more document management systems. Without a unified search system to tap into this information, knowledge often remains hidden and the assets employees create cannot be used to support design, manufacturing, or research objectives.

An enterprise search system that can connect these disparate content stores and provide a single search experience for users can help organizations increase operational efficiencies, enhance knowledge (more...)

Fishbowl Resource Guide: Solidworks to PTC Windchill Data Migrations

Fishbowl has helped numerous customers migrate Solidworks data into PTC Windchill. We have proven processes and proprietary applications to migrate from SolidWorks Enterprise PDM (EPDM) and PDMWorks, and WTPart migrations including structure and linking. This extensive experience combined with our bulk loading software has elevated us as one of the world’s premiere PTC Data Migration specialists.

Over the years, we’ve created various resources for Windchill customers to help them understand their options to migrate Solidworks (more...)