Convert Common Oracle Application Express in a CDB to Local APEX in PDBs


When Oracle Multitenant was released with Oracle Database in June 2013,  Oracle Application Express was installed by default common in the CDB in CDB$ROOT, PDB$SEED, and all PDBs. In fact, that was the architecture that we recommended at that time. As we have gained experience with multitenant in our internal deployments, we realized that our initial recommendation was wrong. Having APEX installed common locks you in to one version (more...)

Ooops… I did it again.

APEX 5.1 is released! As Shaun points out at this forum post, the appendix of the Oracle Application Express 5.1 Installation Guide is missing instructions to downgrade back to 5.0, after a failed upgrade attempt.

My bad. I signed off on the Oracle Application Express Installation Guide as being complete for 5.1. Unfortunately, I did not pay enough attention to the appendix. We will get this corrected soon in a (more...)

"ORA-20001: Application ID and current security group ID are not consistent" encountered during APEX Upgrade from 4.x to 5.x

Recently, our QA team at Oracle was testing database upgrades, and the following error appeared in the database upgrade log while the APEX component was being upgraded:

...Installing Theme 1

API Last Extended:20130101
Your Current Version:20130101
This import is compatible with version: 20130101
COMPATIBLE (You should be able to run this import without issues.)
APPLICATION 108801 - Theme: Simple Red
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-20001: Application ID and current security (more...)

Upgrading to Application Express 5.0 in Your Oracle Database Release 12.1 Multitenant Container Database (CDB)

Woo hoo! Oracle Application Express 5.0 has been released. Read all about it here.

The purpose of this blog post is to provide information on how to upgrade your 12.1 Multitenant Container Databases (CDBs) to APEX 5.0, and specifically ones where you have Oracle Application Express installed in CDB$ROOT (the root), and you are making use of Oracle Application Express 4.2.x in the PDBs in this CDB. There has been (more...)

Accepting PayPal Payments with your Oracle Cloud Database Service

If you haven't signed up for an Oracle Database Service on the Oracle Cloud, you should do so right now.

I wrote a white paper called "Integrating Application Express with PayPal PaymentsPro" about six years ago and also made (more...)

Application Express in Oracle Database 12c Now on OTN

So there have been a few questions about Oracle Application Express and Oracle Database 12c, especially about the new multitenant architecture. Thanks to David Peake, there is now a brand new page on OTN providing more information, collateral, and known issues. You can find it by clicking on the (more...)

Application Express for Oracle Database 12c Container Database

I wrote in my previous post that you cannot patch the Application Express 4.2 version in a Oracle Database 12c container database to, however as of a little while ago, you can now remove Application Express 4.2 from your container database and install (more...)

Oracle Database 12c Multitenant Option and Application Express

As you probably know by now, Oracle Database 12c was made generally available on Tuesday, June 25th. We will be publishing a detailed page about Application Express in 12c on our OTN page but I wanted to make a couple of points about Application Express in the new multitenant architecture. (more...)

Scheduling an Excel Format Report with Application Express

APEX_WEB_SERVICE API + Oracle Social Network

Dimitri Gielis has written an excellent blog post on integrating Oracle Application Express with the Oracle Social Network using the APEX_WEB_SERVICE API. He has even shared the code on a project on GitHub. If you ever have a need to integrate Application Express with a RESTful web service, I recommend (more...)

Three New Web Service Demos Available on the OLL

One of my colleagues at Oracle, Marcie Young, has created three new excellent demonstrations of consuming web services in Application Express 4.1.

The first demonstration called "Creating and Using a Manual SOAP Web Service in Your Application" takes you step by step through creating a manual web service (more...)

Building an Amazon S3 Client with Application Express 4.0 White Paper Available

If you have seen me present about web services and Oracle Application Express 4.0 in the last year (at APEXposed, OOW, or ODTUG Kaleidoscope), you have probably heard me say that a white paper about building an Amazon S3 client with APEX was forthcoming. I am happy to announce (more...)

Adding a Context Menu to a Tree Region

One of the nice new features of Application Express is the new tree region. It is based on jsTree and supports features such as tool-tips. jsTree is the same tree used for the new tree view of the Application Builder Page Definition page. That page supports a right click context (more...)

Application Express 4.0 Web Services Evaluation Guide

I just returned from ODTUG Kaliedoscope 2010, (awesome event, best one I have been to), and promised during my presentation that the Application Express 4.0 Web Services Evaluation Guide would be posted on the Application Express Web Services Integration page on OTN. Well it now is, so I (more...)

Application Express 4.0 Early Adopter Phase II (EA2) Available

The Application Express 4.0 Early Adopter Phase II (EA2) is now available. Like EA1, this instance is running on Amazon EC2. The beauty of Amazon's elastic IP feature is that we could work on the EA2 instance and get it completely ready, then associate the elastic IP with the (more...)

OTN Developer Days in NYC

Are you in the NY, NY area? If so you should definitely attend the free OTN Developer Day- Hands-on Oracle Database 11g Applications Development event at the New York Marriot Marquis on January 13, 2010. I will not be there, but much smarter colleagues of mine will like Mike Hichwa (more...)

Application Express 4.0 EA Running on Amazon EC2

The Application Express 4.0 evaluation instance is running on an Amazon EC2 instance. You can access it at You may also be interested in checking out the APEX 4.0 Web Services Evaluation Guide here.

flex_ws_api now on

Tyler recently made me aware of It is a great place to share code projects, allow others to contribute and comment through discussion forums. I have set up a project for the flex_ws_api and all further development will take place there. I have created discussions for general (more...)

REST Now Supported in flex_ws_api and Other Good Stuff

I have finally added support for consuming RESTful Web services in the flex_ws_api API. I have also added new globals in the API to keep track of cookies, HTTP headers and the response code returned from a service. There is also a global you can populate prior to calling any (more...)


I have been working on an Application Express 4.0 feature to support consuming REST Web services. REST Web services use a simpler architecture than the popular SOAP style Web services. Instead of posting some big XML document wrapped in a SOAP Envelope, REST requests are typically done by passing (more...)