Test Drive Oracle Application Express 3.2 for 60 cents (USD)

Would you like to kick the tires of Oracle Application Express 3.2 on your own instance but do not have the spare hardware? Do you have 60 cents (USD)? Read on.

Amazon has a service called the Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) where you can fire up virtual machines in (more...)

RMOUG, Kaleidoscope 2009, Slight Change to flex_ws_api

I know that I am horribly overdue for a post. I was out at the RMOUG Training Days last week and presented on Integrating Web Services and Application Express. The presentation should be linked from the referenced page soon. Unfortunately I only had 60 minutes to present 90 minutes worth (more...)

More Changes to flex_ws_api

I added three new functions to the flex_ws_api. The most significant is the new make_request function which is just like the procedure with the same name but returns an XML type instead of storing the results in a collection. It became apparent to me that you may (more...)

The New flex_ws_api and SOAP 1.2 Example

Before I make wild claims like the one I made on October 22, where I said "flex_ws_api now supports SOAP 1.2" I probably should have tested the code against a SOAP 1.2 service. I can now say that I have tested it with a SOAP 1.2 service (more...)

flex_ws_api Now Supports SOAP 1.2

I recently became aware that not only is the message and envelope format of SOAP 1.2 different from SOAP 1.1, but also the Content-Type HTTP header as well. If you send the Content-Type of a SOAP 1.1 message, text/xml to a SOAP 1.2 document, you (more...)