RMOUG, Kaleidoscope 2009, Slight Change to flex_ws_api

I know that I am horribly overdue for a post. I was out at the RMOUG Training Days last week and presented on Integrating Web Services and Application Express. The presentation should be linked from the referenced page soon. Unfortunately I only had 60 minutes to present 90 minutes worth (more...)

More Changes to flex_ws_api

I added three new functions to the flex_ws_api. The most significant is the new make_request function which is just like the procedure with the same name but returns an XML type instead of storing the results in a collection. It became apparent to me that you may (more...)

The New flex_ws_api and SOAP 1.2 Example

Before I make wild claims like the one I made on October 22, where I said "flex_ws_api now supports SOAP 1.2" I probably should have tested the code against a SOAP 1.2 service. I can now say that I have tested it with a SOAP 1.2 service (more...)

flex_ws_api Now Supports SOAP 1.2

I recently became aware that not only is the message and envelope format of SOAP 1.2 different from SOAP 1.1, but also the Content-Type HTTP header as well. If you send the Content-Type of a SOAP 1.1 message, text/xml to a SOAP 1.2 document, you (more...)

APEXposed 2008

I will be presenting at APEXposed 2008, October 29 - 30, at Chicago O'Hare Wyndham. I am going to present on everything Application Express and Web services. You can view the abstract here:


Register for the event here:


Hope you can make it!