Sleep in PeopleCode

You may have found business requirements that need to wait for a given time before performing the next action. For instance, in order to check whether the execution of a batch process has finished or not, you may want to query the process monitor tables to verify the process status every 15 seconds.

Unfortunately, there is no function in PeopleCode that actually sleeps processing during a period of time. Of course you can build a loop until the target time arrives, but that approach consumes CPU while waiting, so it is not resource effective.

In other languages, the sleep function (more...)

Truncating empty temporary tables in Oracle for PeopleSoft applications

Truncating temporary tables is an effective way of resetting the high-watermark level in Oracle databases.

The following script just truncates those tables that are empty, as sometimes temporary tables containing data should not be deleted as the data may belong to processes in error.

   sqlstatement    VARCHAR2 (100);
   fulltablename   VARCHAR2 (40);
   t_count         NUMBER;

   CURSOR c1
      SELECT owner || '.' || table_name
        FROM all_tables a
                SELECT 'x'

PeopleSoft Test Framework

PeopleTools 8.51 has introduced a new and exciting feature: PeopleSoft Test Framework (from now on PTF). This tool can be used to automate testing of PeopleSoft applications. Unlike other testing automation tools, PTF has the following advantages:

  • PTF is a testing automation tool designed to interact with PeopleSoft. It is quite easy to install and put it up to speed.
  • Tests are stored in PeopleSoft database as metadata. This allows developers to migrate tests between environments, pretty much like any other PeopleTools object.
  • Based on Usage Monitor, testers can determine which tests are impacted by a given application change: (more...)

Cloning elements in Global Payroll

I've been lately involved in a couple of PeopleSoft Global Payroll implementations. One of the pain areas in dealing with Global Payroll rules definition is that there does not seem to be an easy way to clone or save an element with another name. Re-entering the element again is not always an option, specially if you are dealing with a formula, array or bracket with several lines.

Just a couple of weeks ago we found out a way in which we could clone elements. Here it is:

  • Create a Rule Package with the elements you want to clone in it.
  • (more...)

Setting Date Variables to Null in PeopleCode

If you try to assign a date variable a null value you will get an error saying that the left and right sides of the assignment are not compatible.

For instance, the following PeopleCode would error out:

Local date &myDate;

&myDate = null;

To perform this kind of assignment, you may use the Date function in the following way:

Local date &myDate;

&myDate = Date(0);

ExcelToCI under HTTPS with SSL certificate errors

One of our customers was trying to use an ExcelToCI template to load data in PeopleSoft environment which could only be accessed through HTTPS. However, as the certificate in the web server was expired, ExcelToCI would error out whenever the user wanted to create a new template or submit the data to the database.

Obviously, this issue would have been solved by simply renewing the web server certificate, but the customer was not in a position to do this now and we had to seek an alternative solution.

Our solution was to modify the ExcelToCI macros to tell them to (more...)

How to avoid passwords expiring in PeopleSoft

One of the more often customer requirements regarding security is to implement password expiration. PeopleSoft provides this functionality using the Password Controls component under:

PeopleTools > Security > Password Configuration > Password Controls

This component provides the alternative to enable or disable password expiration controls for all users. Now, what happens if we want a certain user's password to never expire?

There are plenty of situations where we might want this to happen, for instance:
  • The password for the user set in the Process Scheduler or Application Server configuration should not expire or otherwise the system may not work.
  • Same (more...)

Adding new fields… to an existing record or a new one?

At the very start of every PeopleSoft project we're confronted to the task of defining the Development Standards. One of the recurring discussion points is what to do when we need a new field in a record.

a) Create a sibling record (same primary key), adding the new field as an attribute to that record.

b) Add the new field in the original record.

At first, the a) option seems the cleanest one as it does not modify standard records and it sounds like it will easier to maintain through upgrades and fixes.

However, this option also has its limitations:

ExcelToCI limitations: when not to use it

Since it's introduction with PeopleTools 8.4x, ExcelToCI has generated excitement particularly among consultants running implementations. Finally there was a tool that allowed consultants with little or no technical knowledge to quickly load data into the system.

Now, as it normally happens in these situations, a good tool may become a bad choice if we are using it in a way it wasn't designed for. Personally, I've seen people trying to use ExcelToCI to run complex data loading resulting in unexpected delays due to the need to build ad-hoc tools for conversion.

What are the most significant ExcelToCI limitations? (more...)

How BPEL adds value to PeopleTools 8.48?

One of the key enhancements delivered in PeopleTools 8.48 was integration with Oracle BPEL Manager. Oracle's description of BPEL is:

Oracle BPEL Process Manager, a member of the Oracle Fusion Middleware family of products, enables enterprises to orchestrate disparate applications and Web services into business processes. The ability to quickly build and deploy these processes in a standards-based manner delivers critical functionality for developing a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).

Now... how this translates into real-world cases?

Recently, we had to design for one of our customers a Web Service based integration of PeopleSoft Financials with a Third Party Billing system. (more...)


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