New SPARC Servers Outrun the Competition – by Leaps and Bounds!

| Mar 27, 2013
In case you missed yesterday's launch of Oracle's new SPARC server line, based on the SPARC T5 and M5 processors, here is a brief summary - and the obligatory links to details...

The new SPARC T5 chip uses the "S3" core which has been in the SPARC T4 generation (more...)

New SPARC Chips, New Servers

| Mar 25, 2013
On Tuesday, Oracle will announce new SPARC servers with the world's fastest microprocessor. Considering that the current SPARC processors already have performance comparable with the newest from competing architectures, the performance of these new processors should give you the best real-world performance for your enterprise workloads.

You can register to (more...)