nmon for linux (Fedora 12, x86_64)

At my current client site, I use AIX on IBM PowerPC kit. There is a neat little systems monitoring tool called “nmon” on AIX, which I quite like. I noticed recently that it’s available on Linux now, so I installed it on my machine, which runs Fedora 12. (more...)

KEEP DENSE_RANK versus ROW_NUMBER – further details

I found this nice post from Laurent Schneider the other day and wanted  to comment, but my comments were a bit more of a digression and discussion, so I’ve blogged it and put a link on the comments of the post by Laurent.

I’d always used the ROW_NUMBER method myself (more...)


I was asked a question by one of my users about the difference between the RANK and ROW_NUMBER analytics yesterday, so here is a post on it…

RANK, ROW_NUMBER and also DENSE_RANK are very useful for taking a set of rows and ordering them in a defined manner, whilst (more...)

Running OBIEE Oracle By Example Tutorials against a database not called ORCL

I’ve been working with OBIEE for a while now, but I’ve not actually gone through the Oracle By Example tutorials, so I figured it would be a good idea to do that.

I started looking at the first Oracle By Example OBIEE tutorial yesterday and came across an issue with (more...)

Congratulations to my mate Paul!

Just a quick note to say congratulations to Paul Till, a mate of mine, at my current client, who has recently passed his OCM certification. I knew Paul was good, from having worked with him, on a DR implementation / upgrade for a large DW, but I hadn’t realised (more...)

$deleted$ tablespace names bug

This one turned out to be a an interesting bug the other day…

I did a simple select from DBA_TAB_PARTITIONS and noticed that some tablespace_names were of the form “_$deleted$n$m” where n and m are numbers. Slightly worrying, but at least the data was all present and correct, when I (more...)

No pruning for MIN/MAX of partition key column

Recently, I wanted to work out the maximum value of a column on a partitioned table. The column I wanted the maximum value for, happened to be the (single and only) partition key column. The table in question was range partitioned on this single key column, into monthly partitions for (more...)

Installing Oracle 11gR1 on a Fedora Core 10 64 bit VM

Just a note, to myself more than anything, about what extra packages are required by a 64 bit installation of Fedora Core 10, when trying to install Oracle 11gR1.

The installation I undertook was on a FC10 64 bit VM running under VMWare Server 2.0 running on top of (more...)

Cursor keys not working in Virtual Server 2 VM

Posted as a reminder to myself about how to fix this issue…

I couldn’t get some of the cursor keys to work properly on my virtual machines running under VMWare Virtual Server 2 on Fedora 10 x86_64. Kept giving funny behaviour like bringing up the screen capture applet!

A bit (more...)