Oracle Virtual Columns – Can’t use plain column or duplicate expressions

I had a scenario today where I was loading a table and a particular column is known by multiple names in different source systems and thus to different people. In order to make everyone happy on this occasion, I wondered if I could create a normal column for one of the multiple names and then use virtual columns pointing at the normal column, for the other names.

I’m aware there are several ways of skinning (more...)

Assertions in a future Oracle release

I just found this link on OTN to vote for including assertions in a future release of the Oracle database.

A great idea – please vote for it.

One of the most important votes this month…well, I do live in England! Smile

“Unstructured Data” – No such thing!

I keep hearing this term lately and I dislike it.

There is no such thing as Unstructured Data. All data has structure. If it didn’t have structure we wouldn’t be able to use it.

What about free text? Well, that’s just a single column value (stored in a CLOB in Oracle, for example) and the free text is, more often than not, on a row with other columns, such as identifiers and timestamps, i.e. (more...)