Explanation of History Settings for P6 Analytics

This blog applies primarily to P6 Analytics\P6 Reporting Database 3.1.  As of 3.1, history was introduced at a daily level at the activity level.  Activity level history existed as of P6 Analytics 2.0\P6 Reporting Database 3.0 but was only at the interval level of week, or (more...)

Adding custom data to Analytics – Part 1 – adding to the ETL

Starting with the Analytics 2.0\ RDB 3.0 releases a new user scripts section was added which appended a final step to the ETL process to run any additional scripts someone might have.  These user scripts could include SQL to add dimensional data to your Star that currently doesn't (more...)

Fact Driven

The P6 Analytics product is driven by Facts. When you are looking at a subject area, take Primavera - Activity for example. You can add from the Project Dimension Project Id and Project Name. This will list out all projects in the w_project_d dimension table. In your Analysis if you (more...)

P6 Reporting Database and additional Java options

When executing the ETL process for the P6 Reporting Database you will be running startetl.bat or .sh.  In this file there is a JAVA_INVOKER_PREFIX.
This will have pre-determined options that are needed by the ETL process.  If you need to include additional java options they can be added to this parameter. (more...)