Patch released for ADF Mobile navigation issue in iOS 8

A new patch for Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) Mobile has been released to specifically address the following issue:

iOS-based Mobile Applications developed using Oracle ADF Mobile may encounter feature navigation and login issues while running on devices running iOS 8.  While navigation through the navigation bar of the application still works, programmatic navigation such as navigating to custom springboard or via gotoFeature Data Control may fail, causing the application to appear to hang.  The (more...)

Which MAF or ADF component should I use?

What Mobile Application Framework(MAF) components are available?  The ADF Mobile Design Wiki contains a list of MAF components that can be used.

How can I find out which  ADF components are supported by the release of ADF I am using?  The  Oracle ADF Faces Rich Client Components site can be referenced to get the latest information about NEW ADF 12C  Components. Begin by reviewing the ADF Cheat Sheets, below is a sample (more...)