Poorer performance of IQuery in than

| May 23, 2013

Recently we got several customers' report that the IQuery API in client SDK program has poorer performance in Agile than If to monitor SDK client program's memory heap usage we will see much more heap is used in (more...)

Checksum in Agile File Server

| May 10, 2013

We will discuss the concept of checksum in Agile PLM and related technology. If enabled Checksum Calculation in Agile PLM, we may see below error when do CheckOut/CheckIn file attachment. This scenario means the original physical file is modified by external program beyond Agile.

There are quite a few ways (more...)

Background execution of IQuery API in Agile SDK

| May 2, 2013
I have been asked by customers and partners about one same puzzle that why IQuery.execute() runs extremely fast, while the first time execution of Iterator.hasNext() runs very slow。To answer and summarize the background technology of IQuery, let's analyze it detailedly. Below is a very typical usage of IQuery.


Analysis against JVM Thread Dump – Out Of Thread

| Apr 27, 2013

Out Of Thread means there are many tasks (requests) are pending to run, but only a few Threads are available. Many queued tasks have to wait for running threads to be idle. It is a much more complicated case and it is very hard to be identified from Thread Dump (more...)