Fluid Navigation Collection Tile Parameters

| Apr 15, 2020

The Fluid navigation paradigm starts with role-based homepages and usually finishes with business process-based tiles. And, the most common way to build a business process-based tile is with a Navigation Collection published through Tile Wizard. Now I'm going to ask a question with an obvious answer. OK, so here goes, Do you build them in Dev, Test, or Production? And, I'm sure you answered, "Development, of course." Nicely done! What about migration? Here's the (more...)

Announcing: Integration Tools Update Course

| Apr 7, 2020

PeopleSoft Integration Tools is normally taught as a five-day introductory course designed to answer questions such as:

  • What is Integration Broker?
  • How do you configure it?
  • What are Service Operations?
  • How should I integrate with PeopleSoft?

But a lot of us already know the basics of Integration Broker. So last fall, we decided to add another course to our library: PeopleTools Integration Tools Update. This is a three-day class showing what's new with Integration Broker (more...)

A Refresh-able URL

| Jan 13, 2020

I find development to be an iterative process. I often create a shell of a program (module, component, page, etc.), just enough to test, and then run my first test. I then iteratively enhance the program (module, component, page, etc.), verifying and validating each change. For online PeopleSoft pages and components, this often means pressing the browser refresh button a LOT! But here is the problem: each time I refresh a PeopleSoft component, (more...)

Announcing PeopleTools Sound Bytes!

| Jan 5, 2020

Here at JSMpros, we are super excited to share our new YouTube channel with you: PeopleTools Sound Bytes! Each week we will release a new "Sound Byte" describing a PeopleTools feature, tip, or technique. Some of our sound bytes come from our prerecorded on-demand training. Others are exclusively recorded for our Sound Bytes YouTube channel. For example, we are currently producing a channel-specific series titled, "PeopleTools 8.58 features you can implement today," highlighting new (more...)

OpenWorld 2019: I’m Speaking!

| Sep 9, 2019

Are you ready for OpenWorld 2019? Have you built your schedule? If not, I suggest you get right on it! The best sessions are standing room only. If you don't build your schedule, then you have to wait outside each session until the last few minutes, whereas preregistered attendees walk right in, taking the best seats.

As you plan your PeopleSoft-focused trip to OpenWorld, I recommend starting with Rebekah Jackson's OpenWorld Preview video:

Next, visit (more...)

Changing the Search Page Operator Version 2

| Sep 3, 2019

In 2011, just after PeopleTools 8.50 released, I wrote the post Changing the Search Page Operator. In that post, I demonstrated how to Monkey Patch PeopleSoft to do something you can't do with core PeopleTools: change the default advanced search page operator from Begins With to Between. A lot has changed since I wrote that initial post:

  • PeopleSoft switched from net.ContentLoader to net2.ContentLoader,
  • PeopleSoft released Branding System Options, which supports global JavaScript (more...)

Announcing Fluid 3!

| Aug 5, 2019

At jsmpros, we teach Fluid training courses several times a month. PeopleTools Fluid is by far our most popular course. Through our Fluid 1 and 2 courses, we teach an incredible amount of material including:

  • Fluid navigation,
  • Fluid page development strategies,
  • Oracle-delivered style classes and layout
  • External CSS libraries,
  • Fluid grid layouts
  • Fluid Group Boxes
  • Dynamic Tiles
  • Responsive and adaptive mobile design concepts, etc.

The feedback from our Fluid 1 and 2 series is overwhelmingly (more...)

Adding a Fluid WorkCenter to a Navigation Collection

| Jul 10, 2019

Oracle has done an outstanding job converting Classic Self-service to Fluid to promote the modern, mobile user experience. But what about back-office functionality? We certainly can't predict the future, but it seems that back-office transactions will remain Classic for a very long time. Rather than change the appearance of the back-office user experience, I believe our best strategy is to build back-office, business process-based navigation. Our users don't seem excited about the NavBar and Navigator (more...)

PeopleSoft ReConnect 2019

| Jul 1, 2019

It is about two weeks until PeopleSoft ReConnect, and definitely time to build your schedule. I'm looking forward to a great conference with partners such as Appsian, psadmin.io, SpearMC, Presence of IT, Gideon Taylor, PS Web Solutions, New Resources Consulting, Oracle, and colleagues such as Sasank Vemana. There are so many great sessions available. I personally have several overlapping sessions on my agenda. In fact, I am (more...)

HIUG Interact 2019 Conference Schedule

| Jun 14, 2019

Tomorrow I fly to Orlando for the 2019 HIUG Interact conference. I'm almost packed. I wanted to share my schedule with anyone attending. As usual, we start the conference off right with a session Sunday afternoon.

Launching into the middle of a Fluid Navigation Collection

| May 8, 2019

One of the greatest challenges to a successful Fluid deployment is Classic navigation and one of the most common solutions to this challenge is the Tile Wizard-based Navigation Collection. Tile Wizard-based navigation collections allow us to build business process-based navigation for our back-office users (back-office pages are primarily Classic). Let's say you have built some amazing Navigation Collections for your back-office users and now you want to drill from one collection or page to a (more...)

Documented JSON Classes

| Mar 26, 2019

Looking through the PeopleTools 8.57 Feature Overview document, you may have noticed that 8.57 now includes support for several JSON classes as well as PeopleBooks documentation. As Chris Malek showed us a couple of years ago, the classes listed in the Feature Overview document are not new. What is new is the keyword Support and PeopleBooks documentation. Using the documentation, I was able to generate a sample on PeopleTools 8.57:

Local  (more...)

Do I have to use the Navigator?

| Mar 13, 2019
Navigator exposed from the NavBar
I have seen several very clever Navbar customizations including:
  • Auto-expand the Navigator when expanding the Navbar and
  • Showing the breadcrumb path in the Navigator.
These customizations seem quite valuable to anyone that uses the Navigator. And who doesn't use the Navigator? It is the primary delivered navigation method for Classic content. But are we really supposed to depend on the Navigator? If so, should these customizations be incorporated into the (more...)

Collaborate 2019

| Mar 12, 2019
Collaborate 2019 is just around the corner. San Antonio is one of my favorite conference locations, with the riverwalk right outside the conference center. I will be presenting the following sessions next month at Collaborate:

Branding Shortcut

| Mar 7, 2019

Starting with his post PeopleTools 8.55.x - Branding - Part I - What has changed, Sasank Vemana provides a series of articles describing how to brand Fluid. If your organization supports multiple branding themes, then the PeopleTools delivered branding module and branding macros concept described by Sasank are a perfect fit. Although a fair amount of effort to configure, I didn't mind the macro concept provided in PeopleTools 8.55. But when (more...)

Where is My New Optional Default Tile?

| Feb 21, 2019
Navigation is critical to any business application. Classic used breadcrumbs for navigation. As I'm sure you noticed, Fluid is different, using Tiles and Homepages as the starting point for application navigation.
"In Fluid, tiles and homepages represent the primary navigation model, replacing Classic's breadcrumb menu."
In Classic, breadcrumb navigation is managed by administrators. It is fixed, not variable, not personalizable. Users cannot personalize Classic navigation (other than creating favorites). Did I say Fluid is (more...)

HEUG Alliance 2019

| Feb 15, 2019
With the HEUG Alliance 2019 conference starting in a few weeks, it is time to finalize our session schedules. Reviewing the agenda, I see many great education sessions from partners such as Presence of IT, SpearMCAppsian, and Mutara Inc as well as many, many customer sessions covering important topics including security, user experience, integration, tools, add-on products and so on. This is clearly an Alliance we don't want to miss! On (more...)

Dialog and Popup Parameters

| Jan 25, 2019

If you have implemented or reviewed Fluid self-service, you may have noticed all inline editable grids have been replaced with read-only "actionable" grids. Oracle's PeopleSoft Fluid UX Standards discourage the use of inline editable grids in favor of secondary modal popup pages. Sasank recently showed us how to implement actionable grid rows, the primary self-service replacement for inline editable grids. With the row action indicator approach, each row presents a read-only summary, with details (more...)

Security: The PeopleSoft Social Threat Vector

| Nov 13, 2018

In the old Mission Impossible television series from the '60s and '70s, a team of expert agents socially engineer an incredible swindle to catch a bad guy, elicit a confession, release a hostage, etc. These deceptions often included room reconstructions, elaborate disguises, rerouted telephone calls, fake news broadcasts, etc. The con had to be so good the prey had no clue. If it weren't for the regular cut-aways to "reality," viewers wouldn't be able to (more...)

Canada Alliance 2018

| Oct 5, 2018

Calling all Canadian Higher Education and Government customers! Canada Alliance is next month and boasts a great lineup of speakers and sessions. JSMPROS will host two pre-conference workshops Monday prior to the main conference. Please bring a laptop if you wish to participate. Please note: space is limited.

  • Configure, Don't Customize! PeopleSoft Page and Field Configurator Monday, November 12 from 10:00 AM–12:30 PM in Coast Hotel: Acadia Room
  • Advanced Query Monday, November 12 from 1:30 (more...)