jQuery in PeopleTools 8.53

A lot of customers are now working with PeopleTools 8.53. If you open Application Designer and search for HTML definitions named PT_JQUERY, you will see there are 2 (sometimes more) new jQuery JavaScript definitions included with PeopleTools 8.53:

Firebug One-line’r to go from psp to psc

I perform a lot of prototyping in the Firebug console. Since most of this prototyping refers to the TargetContent frame (component area), not the header and main window, I find it easier to change out the URL to just the "psc" core content URL, eliminating the header frame. When navigating (more...)

AWE Workflow Application Class Criteria

I had a little trouble creating my first App Class criteria so I thought I would share some tips on how to write an App Class for use as AWE criteria. Here are the primary secrets:

  • Your App Class must extend EOAW_CRITERIA:DEFINITION:CriteriaBase (PTAF_CRITERIA:DEFINITION:CriteriaBase for 9.0 apps).
  • Your constructor (more...)

jQuery Plugin Include Protection

I have a few blog posts that show how to use jQuery plugins on PeopleSoft homepages. When designing those pagelets in Pagelet Wizard, it is important that your XSL/HTML include jQuery and any necessary plugins within your pagelet's HTML/XSL. This is how my Slideshow and Accordion Navigation templates work. Including (more...)

Collaborate 2013

It is almost time for Collaborate 2013. For those of you attending, here is my schedule:

I will also be working in the Oracle User Experience demo pod and visiting in the PeopleTools demo pod. I look forward to seeing you there!

Podcast: A sneak peek into PeopleSoft PeopleTools Data Management and Upgrade Handbook

We put together a podcast with a short Q&A from our latest book PeopleSoft PeopleTools Data Management and Upgrade Handbook. If you have been wondering whether or not to buy the book, listen to this podcast. Perhaps it will help you make an informed decision.

How to Configure and Use Integration Broker

Integration Broker has become a critical service for PeopleSoft applications. If you are new to Integration Broker or are having trouble with Integration Broker configuration, then take a look at this new Integration Broker course published by my friends at CGI consulting. The course consists of an 84 page instructional PDF and a couple of source files. The course covers everything from configuration to using SoapUI. Here are some highlights:

  • Setting up Integration Broker
  • Publishing a CI based service
  • Testing a web service (CI or otherwise) with SoapUI
  • Calling a service from PeopleCode
  • Application Class PeopleCode handlers
  • Routing transformations
  • JDeveloper (more...)

Alliance 2013

Alliance 2013 in Indianapolis is just around the corner. Here is my schedule:

  • Meet the Experts (Technical) March 18th at 2:30 PM
  • 31719 PeopleTools Developer: Tips & Techniques on Monday, March 18th at 4:30 PM in Sagamore 4
  • 31723 Delivering a Ground-Breaking User Interface Using PeopleTools and the Interaction Hub on Tuesday, March 19th at 11 AM in Sagamore 4
  • Meet the Experts (Technical) March 19th at 12:00 PM

Broadcasting Notifications to Logged in Users

Disclaimer: the following post is not a full solution. It is just a series of very simple examples showing how to implement message broadcasting. A production grade solution may look very similar (just as simple as this, in fact), but with one critical difference: security. I left security out of the examples to focus strictly on how to broadcast notifications. DO NOT IMPLEMENT THIS SOLUTION WITHOUT FIRST SECURING THE CLIENT CONNECTIONS!! I give some security ideas at the end of this post.

In the OTN forums, a customer recently asked how to push notification messages from the server to (more...)