Repost: Taming the Nashorn (first impressions)…

| May 29, 2013

[This is repost of an article posted by our friend @hansolo_ with his permission. The original article is at Taming the Nashorn (first impressions)...]

Hi there,
JavaScript is everywhere these days and so it is also part of JDK8 dev. prev. with Project Nashorn which is a lightweight high-performance (more...)

To Shell Or Not To Shell

| Apr 6, 2013

I find myself facing a dilemma today. How should I use Java FX from Nashorn? So far, I have two approaches I could use, but each comes with some issues. Some background first.

Java FX, even though ships with the JDK, is on a different build cycle and has dependencies (more...)

Nashorn Events Coming Up

| Mar 20, 2013

The team will be going to several events in the next few weeks.

Attila will be at Devoxx UK next week,  starting with a JUG Hackday on Sunday March 24, 2013 and presentation titled "Project Nashorn In Java 8 - JavaScript As A First Class Language On The JVM (more...)