What kind of Oracle Linux support on Oracle hardware is included

When you buy an Oracle Database Appliance – any type – or just a X-server (e.g. X7-2), you get free support for OracleVM, Oracle Solaris and Oracle Linux. But Oracle Linux has different flavours , like basic, premier and premier limited. What kind of support do you get when buying hardware from Oracle? Can Ksplice be used? Found out it’s documented, but not in the way I would like it to see.

When you (more...)

The bare minimum of licensing an ODA X7-2

The other day we had a discussion about the question if you can buy an Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) X7-2 HA when you only have 1 socket license Oracle SE. The licensing rules can be interpreted different by some. Disregarding the question why you would buy an ODA HA if you only got one license by the way 😊.

But… you could imagine a situation where a customer has software, suitable to run on a OracleVM (more...)

ORA-31626, (Database-pump)-job does not exist

A short post about the ORA-31626 error. Found out a scheduled export- and import- job was broken in an Oracle Database. Error:  ORA-31626: job does not exist. After checking the scheduled jobs I realized that it’s not the scheduled job, but the datapump-job (should have read the error more carefully – it states ‘database pump job does not exists…. ).

And it seems all related to being cost-effective in the cloud….

The full error:

Error at (more...)

June 23 2019, date of the SCN-bug

The what? I read about the SCN bug a few years ago (a wildly increasing value of the SCN till a certain limit has been reached ) , and took this for granted – most of it. Until recently a customer asked for help with a 9.2 database which had to last for another year. And another customer is in a large project of upgrading a 10.2 database to a 12 version, and (more...)