Oracle Communications Messaging Server: Dealing with Password Expiration

| May 22, 2013

Alerting Messaging Server Users that Their Password Is Expiring

Looking at the support forums today, I was reminded of the new password aging support feature in Messaging Server 7 Update 5:

Messaging Server now honors LDAP password policies. It sends an IMAP ALERT when a user's LDAP password is about (more...)

Oracle Communications: Cheat Sheet Documentation

| May 19, 2013
Please welcome another of my Infodev blogging comrades, Brenda, to the Oracle blogosphere. Check out her typewriter-girl-turned-into-technical-support post.

Oracle Communications Messaging Server: To Compile or Not to Compile

| May 17, 2013

Compiled Versus Non-Compiled MTA Configurations: Which Strategy Is Best?

Recently, we had a discussion around the pros and cons of using a compiled MTA configuration for Messaging Server. What follows is a summary of this discussion, and also how this relates to the new Unified Configuration.

Oracle Communications Messaging Server: Tips to Get Started with Unified Configuration

| May 15, 2013

Introduced in the latest Messaging Server release (7 Update 5 Patch 28), Unified Configuration offers up a more "unified" approach to administering your messaging configuration:

  • You don't have to manage multiple configuration files with differing formats, and that you have to edit by hand (and so risk potentially causing an (more...)

Oracle Communications Customers: What Kind of Documentation Do You Need?

Oracle Communications Customer Advisory Board (CAB) Provides Some Answers

In reading Scott Miller's Road Trip! InfoDev Goes to CAB post, I was struck by one of the answers he got to the age-old question from techwriterdom, "Just what exactly does a customer want in documentation?" Answer: More info on (more...)

Unified Communications Suite 7 Update 4: Rolling Out a New Release


We shipped the latest version (7 Update 4) of Unified Communications Suite. The following information should get you started:

Specifically, if you are interested in the Messaging Server 7 Update 5 (Patch 28) component of this release, the following new documentation (more...)

Unified Communications Suite: Upcoming Training Opportunities

| Apr 29, 2013

Learn How to Administer UCS, Troubleshoot Messaging Server, and Customize Convergence

The following info comes my way via Jim Vonick, thanks Jim!

Do you need to learn how to install, configure and administer Oracle Communications Unified Communication Suite?  Training is available through Oracle University in a Live Virtual Class (more...)

Installing the Unified Communications Suite 7 Upate 3 Stack


Looking to Create a UCS 7.3 POC Deployment? Stack it All on a Single Host.

If you need to create a Comms deployment, for say, evaluation or proof-of-concept purposes, the best place to go is the Single Host Deployment Example.

This doc "describes how to install Communications Suite (more...)

Unified Communications Suite Summit 2013

Reconnecting with Comms

The UCS group gathered last week at our Santa Clara office for our annual Comms Summit. For me, it was a great opportunity to reconnect with Comms co-workers across all disciplines and geographies, and to participate in interactive sessions on the product.

My boss and I did (more...)

Unified Communications Suite: Top Player Second Year in a Row

| Mar 22, 2013

Analysis of the Market for Messaging Platforms for Service Providers Shows Oracle Is Tops

Leading analyst firm, The Radicati Group, Inc., has ranked Unified Communications Suite the Top Player in the service provider messaging platforms market for the second year in a row in its "Message Platforms for Service (more...)

Email Phishing Casting Ever Longer Lines

| Mar 19, 2013

Think Spam Has Gone Away? Guess Again.

Osterman has another well-written post up, this time about the enhanced phishing technique referred to as "longline phishing." The term comes from commercial longline fishing, in which "...a main line of up to several miles in length contains hundreds or thousands (more...)

Towards a Better UCS: Collaboration Helps Everyone

| Mar 17, 2013

Using the Unified Communications Suite Documentation Wiki to Share Knowledge

Just wanted to remind the UCS community that not only can you use the documentation wiki to leave feedback and questions about the UCS documentation, you can also use it to share your knowledge.

Case in point, and of specific interest to Indexing and Search Service users: Thanks to JimKlimov for contributing his script to automatically provision and remove ISS indexes. As Jim himself posted, "Hope this helps someone else." 'Nuff said.

Note: You do need an Oracle ID to be able to log in to the wiki to (more...)

No Joke: All the Communications Suite Release Notes You Ever Wanted

| Mar 12, 2013

Keeping Track of Unified Communications Suite Release Notes in a Single Location

I sometimes forget about how easy it is to manufacture a new wiki view of the Unified Communications Suite documentation. While looking for something today, I came across the Communications Suite Release Notes Across All Releases page. I remembered back to when I first created this page, thinking what a great idea: having an easy way to access the release notes for each Unified Communications Suite component product by release, all at once. No clicking around from page to page or wiki space to wiki space. 

Making (more...)

Unified Communications Suite 7 Update 3: Go Get it!

We shipped the latest version (7 Update 3) of Unified Communications Suite today. This should get you started: