Basic Performance Analysis using AWR data

I've previously covered a number of queries that can be combined together to pull out key statistics from the Oracle AWR data for each snapshot it makes, which you could use to analyse the performance of a system. One example would be to use this to look at how the (more...)

AWR Reporting #6 – SQL Statements

This is the last of the main set of posts on this topic. As for the last post, I'll try and keep this brief and post the SQL involved.

Another data set we can look at is on SQL statements i.e. statistics collected by AWR on individual SQL statements, (more...)

AWR Summary Reporting #5 – System Statistics

So far our AWR report query shows overall duration between two consecutive snapshots, database time (i.e. doing work), SQL execution time (may be lower), total wait time, wait time by class, and some common specific wait events. We know how busy the database was and how much time it (more...)

AWR Summary Reporting #4 – More Waits

Given the previous sub-query for total wait times including class level waits from the AWR snapshot data, we are going to extend that particular sub-query in order to add some extra wait event data items to it. This will give us a further breakdown of what the major wait events (more...)

AWR Summary Reporting #3 – Waits

So far I've shown the skeleton of a query that lists out some key activity data values from all the data captured by AWR in its regular snapshots. So far we've only extracted a few time based data values:
  • Duration - real clock time that occurred between the AWR 2 (more...)