Avoiding NULLs

On the one hand I understand the added value of the concept of a "NULL" value - meaning that no value has been stored in a column in a row in a database table. On the other hand I have always felt that allowing NULL values in a column leads (more...)

What Is Performance?

Just what is Performance? I don't mean a formal definition of Performance - through it would probably involve things like measurements and elapsed time and resources used and units of work completed. And I don't mean Performance Tuning - which is a reactive action to a perceived problem. I'm on (more...)

Blowing my own trumpet – #1

On the one hand I don't want to boast, but on the other hand there are a couple of things I am proud of at the moment and thought I would take the opportunity to share. If only to record them for posterity.

First, I am presenting at the UK (more...)

Beware: CPU Threads are not the same as CPU Cores #1

Craig Shallhamer recently did a number of posts about reporting CPU usage from the data Oracle was gathering, and in this he made a distinction between CPU Cores and CPU Threads. His focus was on the correlation between the values Oracle was reporting and those reported by other operating (more...)

Histograms are not what I assumed

One of the themes I'll keep coming back to is how things are often not how you have assumed they are, and how there are always opportunities to learn something new about Oracle. I am quite familiar with histograms in Oracle from reading the manuals and white papers, but have (more...)