Register for Live Webcast Introducing Java EE 7!

has been approved, and we are now counting down the days to begin developing with many new Java EE features.

The online web event, hosted by MC Gupta, includes:

GlassFish in Space

The cat is out of the bag, so we might as well publicly announce the effort. GlassFish Labs has been diligently working with Anahata Technologies on the GlassFish 4 super cluster. The joint engineering effort resulted a low-latency clustering fabric with an advanced session replication algorithm that can run (more...)

A Perception Frozen in Time

I haven't blogged in roughly a year. However, the InfoWorld article "Can TomEE save Java EE" brought me out of my blogging hiatus.  Putting the title in context,  driving controversy drives clicks and ad revenue. I grok that. The lead-in paragraph, however, talks about Java EE being (more...)