missing my local conference makes me a little grumpy

Our big event here is a 2 1/2 day conference ( Great Lakes Oracle Conference aka GLOC ) is coming up soon in mid May and I am going to miss the first two days of it.  Not happy exactly but I do have a reasonable excuse.

My oldest daughter finishes her sophomore year at college ( Fordham in NYC ) and needs to get picked up ( and dorm room packed up ) and carted (more...)

adding NOT NULL columns to an existing table … implications make me grumpy

This is DBA basics 101 in the oracle world but well also something that we grumpy DBA types forget from time to time.  We have an existing table in a schema that is populated with data.  Something like this say:

create table dbaperf.has_data ( column_one varchar2(10) not null, column_two number(10) not null);

insert into dbaperf.has_data(column_one, column_two) values('First row',13 (more...)

another month almost gone … another presentation done at NEOOUG

Geez this month really just flew by it started with my presentation at Hotsos 2014.  Pretty well attended waiting for final evaluation information.  Then work work work ...

This Friday ( today 3/28/2014 ) I did my Hotsos presentation again but this time at my local user group.  I added "just three more slides" to try to give some additional information on PGA and program connections to people aka developers coming in cold (more...)

some days it is harder to be grumpy than others …

The official notification is out and the nomination that was submitted to recognize me as an Oracle Ace has been approved.  This is certainly an honor and along with my continued role at NEOOUG I am hoping to leverage this status to continue to help grow our user group and our yearly conference Great Lakes Oracle Conference ( GLOC )

Speaking of that our abstract selection has been finalized and you can see all (more...)

is this old school … using dbms_shared_pool keep to pin plsql code in shared pool?

These days with the shared pool area getting so large many people ( including me ) tend to think of reserving/pinning plsql code into the shared pool as an old school "probably no longer necessary" approach.  Of course many 11g systems are now running with 4 gb shared pools ( and much more sometimes ).

In my recent hotsos session I polled the attendee's and ( kind of as expected ) confirmed that most (more...)

final version of my Hotsos 2014 presentation

This is the "really really" final version because it was updated and some additional references added even after the presentation was delivered.

Hoping to do it at Open World 2014 so ... I guess this is the early version of that presentation eh?

You can find it here: Three approaches to shared pool monitoring Hotsos 2014

So you think you have disabled ASMM/AMM oracle automatic SGA sizing behavior?

I polled my session attendee's at Hotsos 2014 ( Three approaches to shared pool monitoring ) and asked them who was using automatic stuff versus who was doing it all manually?

My guess is that there were about 100 people in the room and it looked like automatic "won" but not by much.  Maybe 55 percent automatic and 45 manual ... so there are still a whole bunch of people nervous about using that functionality.


managed to make it to Dallas sunday morning … Hotsos 2014 is rolling

It was a little dicey sunday morning with weather in Ohio but I caught very early flight and made it down to Dallas well before noon.  Lots of turbulence in the airplane ride and bounced around some but all in all not bad.  Lots of people traveling ran into hitches one way or another but by the end of the day Monday most everyone seems to be here now.

Even better I had (more...)

Pretty close to getting out speaker notifications for GLOC 2014 …

Our official notifications should be out by mid week ( next Wednesday ) and we appreciate all of the people submitting abstracts.  Thank everyone of you very much from all of us involved in the conference.

Wow this is going to be another outstanding conference.  Darn going to have to not accept a large number of quality presentations also.  We do not have the time or room to run all the sessions (more...)

emergency monitoring and forcing a flush of the shared pool … use with caution ONLY if really needed

Flushing the shared pool has an impact on systems forcing at least the re parsing of sql statements and new ( perhaps even changed ) execution plans.  Use with caution on any production environment and test/test before deploying anything like this.

The usual approach for a system suffering from shared pool fragmentation and/or 4031 is to identify sql not using bind variables and consider implementing ( after logon session based database trigger best ) (more...)

How many times can you practice and revise a presentation?

Well the obvious answers are "it depends" and "how far away is the actual presentation"?  For Hotsos 2014 I had the vast majority of the work done in early December 2013 ... not bad for a presentation not delivered until March 3 2014.

That was after a couple of series of revisions and after all this was based on a presentation originally done at Oracle Open World 2011.

It makes even an experienced and grumpy (more...)

linkedin endorsements make me … grumpy … sometimes

Well I don't really mind endorsements for skills that are in my current toolset.  It is a nice compliment to get endorsements from people that you know well or have work with or are working with.

On the other hand endorsements for things that you have never worked on in your life seem a little strange.  I now have several endorsements for Oracle HR ... never ever in my life touched that not even (more...)

ora 600′s always make me grumpy … ORA-1555 / ORA-600 [ktbdchk1: bad dscn] #8895202

These days at least for me seeing an ORA 600 is a relative rare ( thank god ) occurrence.  They always raise your blood pressure sometimes to unhealthy levels.  Looking at one that at first glance hints at possible block corruption ... not good.

This bug 8895202 was fixed already in current environment but not "enabled" ( so thanks so much ... what use is a bug that is fixed but not enabled to be (more...)

speakers on the agenda for NEOOUG March 28 2014 meeting

We have two topics being presented and as usual great free food beginning at noon.  This should be a good mix of topics Java related for developers/dbas and Oracle database internals stuff for dbas/developers.

First up on the agenda is Scott Seighman a Principal Sales Consultant from Oracle Corporation.  Scott will be talking about Java 8 which is just around the corner from being released.

Specifically his presentation is: Java.Next: An Overview (more...)

Hotsos 2014 is just around the corner

Last year I arrived in Dallas on sunday and it was warm.  Running on monday it was in the hot range like 80+ degrees.  I was out there in shorts and tank top and there are these local runners with full set of equipment jackets and everything.  Wow I guess I was dying in the heat and these people still think it is cold?

Getting pretty excited about presenting again but time (more...)

Two great SQL Developer presentations by Jeff Smith at NEOOUG January 2014 meeting

Jeff Smith aka @thatJeffSmith presented two topics at our January 24th 2014 meeting.  A well attended and smooth delivery even in the face of some not so nice weather.  Cleveland in January and February well it's always somewhat unpredictable.

Here is the meeting setup information:

Jeff Smith is a Senior Principal Product Manager in the Database Tools group at Oracle. He works on the team that brings you SQL Developer, SQL Developer Data (more...)

how to read the values of bind variables for currently executing statements real time monitoring kicks in

As usual Tanel Poder has done an excellent job of writing up this approach.

Caveats I have tested this in and might have some issues earlier not quite sure but hey Tanel probably has this documented also.

This came in really handy recently looking at some SQL chewing up large amounts of LIO.

Here is Tanels writeup: bind variable sql monitor leading over to here ...

wow this looks interesting and not too far away world Information Architecture day 2014 ( Ann Arbor MI )

Just saw this posted ... hmm road trip time from Cleveland on Saturday Feb 15?  Only possibly dicey thing is driving/traveling on Saturday in mid February in the Midwest you can never predict what that is going to be like.  But hey 4 wheel drive in the Honda CRV so ... time to check schedule and see who else might want to attend.

See this link for the Ann Arbor event World Information Architecture Day 2014 (more...)

oracle security patch notification now out

Most people have seen this already but just in case oracle jan 2014 patch notification ...

From what I have seen there are huge differences company by company site by site how patching and testing of patching occurs.  That's a whole different blog entry though right?

Final reminder … see Jeff Smith @thatJeffSmith Jan 24 2014 for NEOOUG quarterly meeting

Jeff Smith aka @thatJeffSmith
Jeff Smith is a Senior Principal Product Manager in the Database Tools group at Oracle. He works on the team that brings you SQL Developer, SQL Developer Data Modeler, APEX Listener, the Public Cloud database offering, and 11gR2 XE. Jeff has presented online and in-person at many of the top user groups around the world for the past decade including ODTUG, IOUG, RMOUG, NEOUG, Suncoast Oracle User Group, and more.

Two (more...)