Join Alex Carlos Mauro Scott and speak at the Great Lakes Oracle Conference 2014

The Great Lakes Oracle Conference is May 12-14 2014 in Cleveland at CSU.  Beautiful campus environment and state of the art student center main ballroom.  Plus well of course the chance to speak at the city where the river caught on fire right ( long story ask me over a beer ).
We have 1/2 day workshops on Monday ( Alex Gorbachev / ( Carlos Sierra and Mauro Pagano ) / Scott Spendolini (more...)

Four tough choices for workshops at GLOC 2014

This year at the Great Lakes Oracle Conference ( May 12-14 2014 at CSU ) we are doing 1/2 day workshops monday afternoon.  Then the conference kicks into full speed with keynotes tuesday morning and session tracks after that.

We have an incredible set of people doing workshops for our attendees.  We are working on finalizing a fourth workshop in the Essbase area but not quite ready to announce that on.

We are (more...)

schema validation scripts and alter session set current_schema … make me not so grumpy

Believe it or not many DBAs/Developers are unaware of ( well or have forgotten ) how to "switch into" a different schema.

PLSQL has had the option for a long time

alter session set current_schema = SOME_SCHEMA_NAME;

This does not give you full schema owner capabilities ( well depends on what your login session capabilities have ) but can be very useful.  For instance in some kind of script to validate that all the expected (more...)

12c buffer cache flushing in a CDB / PDB environment

Here is an interesting post from Thomas Saviors blog aka ( My Oracle Life ).  It shows some complicated things going on flushing the database buffer cache from various CON_IDs within a CDB.

12c buffer cache flushing

Obviously only the people doing design work at Oracle for 12c ( 12. (more...)

I really do not understand twitter dynamics

So I guess my amazing number of 77 twitter followers of @grumpyOldDba ( thanks to all you geeks by the way ) may not be quite as earth shattering as I was thinking.

Received some kind of strange tweet / offer to sell me followers?

Wow ... I could go from (more...)

PDBs gone wild in the shared pool … make me grumpy

With 12c Oracle allows you to define container databases and pluggable databases.  A pluggable database lives within / runs inside a container.  You define Oracle memory allocations / sizes at the container level ( for shared pool / buffer cache etc ) and PDBs live with the definitions (more...)

January 2014 NEOOUG meeting and that Jeff Smith

OK sorry this will be the second to last reminder that if you want to attend our January 24th 2014 NEOOUG meeting at my employer the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland you must PLEASE reserve a spot ahead of time.  Normally of course our quarterly meetings are at the (more...)

scary smart short piece of plsql code ( from Jonathan Lewis of course )

For anyone living in the Oracle DBA/Developer world the last couple of years everyone has their own copy of Jonathan Lewis's "Oracle Core Essential Internals for DBAs and Developers" right?  Well if not sorry but wow you are missing out big time ... Xmas time so get it fixed asap!


Testing rman on an ASM based oracle database … you better really do this first

So if you are testing an rman based database recovery on a server that uses ASM for database storage what is the first step?

Well ok before the first step in testing you better be in archivelog mode, have other copies stashed away of the spfile and the controlfile contents, (more...)

Phase 1 prep complete onto script changes and doc re work …

Skiing coming up soon but after Xmas time to sneak in the last phase of preparation for Hotsos 2014 presentation.  Still feeling very grateful for actually getting accepted ... again ... wow!

The bulk of the powerpoint presentation work is done.  Sure I will obsess on it some more and (more...)

Great Lakes Oracle Conference reminders ( CSU May 12-14 2014 )

Do you have a presentation topic ready for our May 2014 conference?  We are accepting abstracts now GLOC call for abstracts lots of time to get them submitted please!

We are considering some various options for Tuesday night networking event including the I.M. Pei designed Rock and Roll (more...)

some interesting results from last post … big ERP system

7 gb shared pool with over 60 thousand different sql statements ...

Help on some information from other systems please for Hotsos 2014 presentation

Looking for some output back from some other systems to categorize "how many different sql statements" and "how many different execution plans".

Along with the output would be helpful to me to note please what release and what "kind" of system OLTP / ERP / DW etc.  If done on (more...)

preview of Hotsos 2014 presentation now available

Needs some work still and especially some practice delivering this presentation.  I could add in another 15 slides easy to tie some areas together better but it is already sitting at 61 slides currently ( I think ).

I had an early idea to put in more slides than (more...)

GLOC 2014 … call for abstracts ( speaker proposals ) now open

As everyone already knows the Great Lakes Oracle Conference is the best regional oracle event ever.  In 2014 we will be at Cleveland State on May 13/14 with 1/2 day workshops on monday May 12.

We are now accepting abstracts for speaker proposals.  The usual gig free conference (more...)

hotsos 2014 angst makes me lose sleep and makes me grumpy

Busy week at work last week.  NEOOUG meeting Friday afternoon ... etc.

However nothing critical too much going on this weekend ( for a change ) and thought I would sleep in late before tackling leaf raking getting salt off new vehicle etc.

Did not happen that way ... about 4 (more...)

speaking at hotsos 2014 ( second time ) … makes me not so grumpy

Feeling grateful and honored for my presentation "Three approaches to Shared Pool Monitoring" to be accepted by Hotsos 2014.  Now I really really need to do some more work and clean up / update a presentation done back at OOW 2011.  Only stuff like 12c and CDBs and (more...)

stupid pet tricks with oracle …make me grumpy

While oracle gave us the ability to define/use virtual columns a while back now I never used them.  We have a couple of tables here now at my new job that do use them.  I was coding away ( ok probably working too fast ) on an insert (more...)

big numbers reported in KGLH0 and KGLHD in 12c make me grumpy

So a long time back I reported after moving our prod OLTP system ( well old job now actually ) up to 11.2 I was seeing ( from detailed shared pool monitoring ) some big memory allocations rolled into KGLH0 and KGLHD ( see here (more...)

fudging around with exec dbms_xdb_config.sethttpport … makes me grumpy

So the machine I am "hacking around" with to play with 12c is up and running ... asm / grid / database including CDB and PDB ( container and pluggable ).

So was I happy?  Well not so much ... for various unknown reasons I was still not able to get (more...)