OBIEE This is the end?

| Mar 7, 2013
…..not really, but ….

 As most of you might have notice my activity’s in the OBIEE community have been minimal during the last year or so.
How come?
I have accepted a new challenge in becoming the team lead for Microsoft BI at Ciber in the Netherlands .
This means I have little to none time left for OBIEE blogging.  And thinks like visiting the Rittman-Mead conference in Brighton this year are sadly also out of the question.
I will be closing the possibility of adding comments / question on this blog because I don’t have any time (more...)

We are back!

| Jan 28, 2013
OBIEE101 has been restored! Thanks to Nitecruzr for pushing the right buttons at google!

Till Next Time

OBIEE 101 is down

| Jan 24, 2013
We know about the problem, I'm trying to contact google to get it resolved!

See you Soon

OBIEE en JDev in the same FWM home

| May 6, 2012
Don't do it, it screws up your OBIEE weblogic instance.........

(especially when you are preparing for the Brighton 2012 BI congress.......)


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OBIEE install avoid RTD license problems

| Apr 23, 2012

If you are not going to use RTD (Real Time Decisions) uncheck the box during installation:


This avoids extremely difficult discussions with Oracle over the license fee.

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OBIEE 11116 repository on MS-SQL I

| Apr 20, 2012

We had to do a POC on some MS-SQL data. Instead of bringing an extra Oracle DB we used an existing MS-SQL instance.

1. Create a repository database:

We called ours “Repositories” Winking smile


2. Enable case-sensitive collation

ALTER DATABASE Repositories COLLATE Latin1_General_CS_AS

3. Enable Row versioning



4. Allow TCP/IP access to the database:


(Bounce the service if you changed it!)

4b. If you have a firewall running check if the ms-sql port is open (1433 for a default instance)

5. Create a user (fi: REP_OWN)


6. make  the default database repositories:


7. Set (more...)

See you in Brighton !

| Mar 20, 2012
Want to know if  the White Stork really brings the babies? See me and many others speak at the Rittman Mead BI-Forum

See you in Brighton!

OBIEE upgrade guide

| Feb 27, 2012
Upgrade guide is found here:

Pretty much a standard weblogic upgrade.

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| Feb 24, 2012
Recently follower number 250 has joined this blog! Thanks everybody for all the great feedback!

Regards John

OBIEE is out!

| Feb 22, 2012
If you have missed it: ==> is out
See the nice new features:

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OBIEE in hebrew

| Feb 20, 2012
Boris has set up an OBIEE blog in hebrew:
Translatesd : 

For those of you who also have a non english OBIEE blog feel free to sent me a link and I will gladly advertise it here.

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OBIEE11g FireFox 10 problems

| Feb 12, 2012

For those of you having problems with the new FireFox 10 client. Michal Novy posted a solution on Christians Blog:

Hi, I found the way how to do a workaround:
1. type "about:config" into an address bar
2. right click anywhere and choose New / String
3. name it "general.useragent.override"
4. put the value "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; Windows NT 6.1; rv:10.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/9.0"
5. refresh OBIEE login screen
Then it works without any problems!

Seems that Oracle is already working on some patches: see patch # 13564003 released by Oracle Support which repairs this limitation.

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VMWARE connection problems

| Jan 27, 2012

I noticed when connection a vmware to certain networks the network doesn’t like a loopback adapter running on the vmware. Although you will get a valid IP it can’t connect to anything….

Disabling the loopback did the trick.

Till Next Time

OBIEE101 I’m still around ;-)

| Jan 27, 2012

Thanks everybody for the interest in my whereabouts.

Yep, I'm still around. Just very very busy on a huge OWB migration.

Hope to be back soon we some OBIEE stuff.

Till Next Time

BIP Quartz tables

| Dec 26, 2011

On a 11g BIP only install you can use the QUARTZ scheduler. The scheduler is fed from the XMLP_SCHED_JOB table from the repository. It will seed either the QRTZ_SIMPLE_TRIGGERS (one off jobs) or QRTZ_CRON_TRIGGERS (repeating jobs). This will feed the QRTZ_TRIGGERS table which controls the next execution time. The actual job is in the QRTZ_JOB_DETAILS table.


You can inject jobs directly into these tables. Remember that all DateTimes are in QUARTZ_TICKS calculated back to GMT time. A ms-sql conversion function DateTime to Ticks can be foud here. From Ticks to DateTime is this one.

Till Next Time

BIP11g Users and Roles

| Dec 23, 2011

Did some work on a 11g BI publisher only install recently. Opposite to OBIEE11g you can still add users directly into BIP. Be sure to give them the right roles and sync it with your weblogic security realm.

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OBIEE11g / BIP Quartz Scheduler

| Dec 19, 2011

Seems that Oracle is using there own standard for the Date Time format in the BIP quartz scheduler. They are not using standard ticks (starting on 1-jan-0001) but a milliseconds count starting on 1-jan-1970. So 1-Jan-2012 = 1325376000000. IE: a whole day is 86400000 ticks.

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OBIEE10g Auto Suggest Prompt

| Dec 16, 2011

A client asked me if I could create an auto suggest prompt for him. (ie: Google Style Prompt). Basically he wanted an edit box prompt which would fill an suggestion box which he could tab trough to make the right selection.

Since this isn’t a standard 10g functionality I wrote some JavaScript to make it happen. But I didn’t reinvent the wheel Knipogende emoticon ! The people at jQuery already did the bases, I simple adapted it for usage in OBIEE 10g.

1. Download the jQuery UI package here. Install it in your b_mozilla directory’s (or other webserver dirs you use).

2. Download (more...)

OBIEE10g AutoRunPrompt

| Dec 13, 2011

A client asked me if I could create an auto run prompt for him. Basically he wanted an edit box prompt which would updated his report after each character has been typed. Since this isn’t a standard 10g functionality I wrote some JavaScript to make it happen. It uses the onkeyup event to fire the GFPDoFilters filter event.

The script can be downloaded here: download COBIEEJS.

Copy the file to your b_mozilla directory’s (or other webserver dirs you use)

How to use it?

1. Add an edit box style prompt to your dashboard:


2. Add a textbox with:

<script src="res/b_mozilla/cobieejs. (more...)

OBIEE11g SampleApp OID doesn’t start

| Oct 24, 2011

Yep, I did again :-(.

After playing around with the new sampleapp107 I managed to crash the VM. After a reboot the OID refused to start up. It seemed that because there was still an active status record in the ODS schema, the OPMN couldn’t find anything to start.

Solution: truncate the "ODS"."ODS_PROCESS_STATUS" and  "ODS"."ODS_GUARDIAN" tables in your database repository.

(Not sure if the "ODS"."ODS_GUARDIAN"  is really necessary…. Please correct me if I’m wrong)

Till Next Time