APEX Evangelists Network Welcomes Paul Broughton

As I recently blogged, APEX Evangelists is undergoing a transformation (stay tuned for what that means for me).

We are very happy to announce that Paul Broughton (Twitter - @paulbroughton) has joined the AE Network!

For those of you who don’t know Paul, he started working for APEX Evangelists back in July 2009 (wow time flies!) and has been involved in many client facing projects (and very recently was presented with an award (more...)

The evolution of APEX Evangelists

Every year we at APEX Evangelists come together to discuss the past and the future of the company.
In the past 7 years a lot has changed; the APEX market changed, the community changed, we personally changed, …

We really like APEX, we are all passionate about it, we love to have technical discussions with each other and come together to share our thoughts, but we also like our independence and make our own trade-offs (more...)

ODTUG APEXposed 2012

What more is there to say? This event is going to be fantastic and there’s still time to register!

ODTUG APEX Plug-In Competition

As Martin has already announced, there is a very exciting APEX Plugin Competition hosted by ODTUG.

Here’s the official announcement (taken from the ODTUG page):

ODTUG is holding its first ever world wide APEX Plug-ins competition! This is your opportunity to write an APEX plug-in and have it (more...)


APEX Quizzes Start on 18 June 2011

With the growing popularity and usage of Oracle Application Express, we are very excited to announce a new weekly Oracle APEX quiz launching on Saturday, 18th June. Weekly quizzes start on Saturday and end on Friday at midnight (UTC).

We have been (more...)

Expert Oracle Application Express

Expert Oracle Application Express

It’s been around 3 years since I wrote Pro Oracle Application Express (with a chapter contributed by Scott Spendolini), and like most first time authors I said “That was a great experience, but I’m in no hurry to write another book again!”.

Writing a technical book is a very (more...)

APEX 4.0 released

APEX 4.0 just got released, this is the BIG one for APEX developers, we’ve been anxiously awaiting the release (and a few bets have been known to placed on when exactly it would be released!).

More information is available on Joels blog, and you can download APEX 4. (more...)

PL/SQL Challenge – Goes Live!

The PL/SQL Challenge website has just PL/SQL Challenge - Home gone live!

If you haven’t heard about it yet, it’s a website where you can pit your wits against a daily question by none other than Steven Feuerstein (yes that Steven Feuerstein!) and Finn Ellebaek Nielsen. Wait it’s even cooler than that, you (more...)

Application Express 4.0 – Early Adopter 2 Now Available


If you didn’t already see the news, the EA2 release of APEX4.0 has just been opened up.

Head over to www.tryapexnow.com, sign up for a workspace and try out all the cool new features.

EA2 includes the following key features -

Views and Order By

Developers like views…they can simplify things and hide (protect us from) underlying complexity.

For example, would you rather write the query -



  emp e,
  dept d
  e.deptno = d.deptno;

It’s a rhetorical question so please (more...)

Increasing the speed of APEX Collections

I’d love to say “I’m quite often asked…”, but to be honest hardly anyone seems to use Collections in APEX (a very under utilised feature in my opinion).

However, a question does come up from time to time, often along the lines of “I am using a collection but it (more...)

APEX Listener EA2 is out!

Just a quick note to say that the APEX Listener Early Adopter 2 is out.

Kris Rice blogged about the features and fixes available in this EA, I just quickly tested out the XLS upload (turns it into an APEX collection….very very cool!).

The APEX Listener is definitely (more...)

APEX@Your Oracle Usergroup

Just a quick note to say I often get asked if I can present at a Oracle usergroup meetings.

The answer is usually ‘yes I’d love to’, since -

1) I love to talk about and promote APEX
2) I love to travel

So, if you have an Oracle usergroup (more...)

Advert: Oracle APEX Training in Manchester, UK

As Dimitri has already blogged, this year we are focussing on doing a lot more Oracle Application Express training events.

With that in mind, the first public training I’m doing this year is 3 day Introduction to Oracle Application Express in Manchester on the 22nd March.

Here’s an except from (more...)

Sumneva Launches – APEX Evangelists & Sumner Technologies join forces

Two and half years ago, I formed APEX Evangelists together with Dimitri Gielis because we both had a passion about Oracle Application Express. For the last two and half years we have been extremely successful providing training and consultancy around the Oracle Application express product. In the United States, Scott (more...)

APEX 4.0 – First Impressions

Now that the APEX 4.0 EA (Early Adopter) release is available to anyone to sign up and try out APEX 4.0, I’ve had a bit of time to play around with some of the features that up till now I’d only seen demo’ed.

My first impressions are very (more...)

Chrome Browser and APEX

I’ve been keeping a watchful eye on the Chrome Browser from Google and noticed they’d just released the Mac Beta version so I thought I’d have a quick ‘play’ with it.

As you’d expect it does everything you’d want from a browser, I’m pretty much a Firefox/Safari person (they complement (more...)


With UKOUG Tech and EBS conference in Birmingham a couple of weeks away, I thought I’d see if anyone is interested in an APEX Meetup during the conference.

Usually at most conferences I attend Dimitri Gielis and myself try to arrange a very informal gathering of APEX-minded people in a (more...)

Designing for 800×600?

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard people say “The site must be designed to work in 800×600 resolution”. Now there are a few cases where this definitely is a real requirement, however often it’s more of a case that people don’t want to potentially exclude people (more...)

Increasing Scalability with Oracle Application Express

Yesterday, at the UKOUG APEX SIG (which I’ll post a follow-up about shortly), I did a quick 1 hour presentation on Increasing Scalability with Oracle Application Express, I touched on (and demonstrated) quite a few different techniques in which you can make you APEX applications more scalable (and/or just as (more...)