Learn about R12 integration with OID and OAM for the price of a latte!

How often do you hear, "I sat down to write a blog post, and ended up with an eBook?" Probably not every week. But that's just what one of the the Oracle EBS Team Leads at Pythian has done. My colleague Subhajit has just published an eBook that covers the steps required to integrate Oracle Applications Release 12.1 with Oracle Internet Directory and Oracle Access Manager 11.1.2.

At over 300 pages, this is a comprehensive guide to integrating 3 large and increasingly important pieces of the Oracle Applications technology stack, complete with (more...)

Finally here: Oracle Instant Client 11gR2 for OS X

See the blog post over at Oracle for details, and be sure to send Christopher Jones an email (via the address in his post) stating you're an active user of the client. As Christopher mentions in his post,

You can really help us justify resources for the OS X bundle if you email me letting me know you are a fan. Since Instant Client is a free download, it is tricky for us to know how widely it gets used.

Jump to OTN to download, but please remember to email Christopher as well, if you're interested in seeing the client (more...)

Build an 11gR2 RAC cluster in VirtualBox in 1 Hour using OVM templates

[I originally posted this over at the Pythian blog. If you're not following it, you should! Way more content, by far smarter people than lil ol' me.]

After reviewing my blog post about running EBS OVM templates in VirtualBox, two of my teammates suggested that I work on something with potentially broader appeal. Their basic message was, "This is really cool for us EBS nerds, but what about the Core DBAs?"

So how does "11gR2 RAC in an hour" sound? :-) In this post, I'll demonstrate how to deploy the pre-built Oracle VM templates to create a two-node (more...)

crontab backups: a simple, time-saving holiday gift idea for DBAs and sysadmins

[I originally posted this over at the Pythian blog. If you're not following it, you should! Way more content, by far smarter people than lil ol' me.]

It's holiday season in many parts of the world, but it's not all parties and egg-nog. Caretakers of critical IT systems often have significant work to do as those systems roll over into a new year. In some cases, we're just monitoring to make sure nothing unusual happens. In other cases, however, we're making the unusual happen: running those batch jobs and backups that only fire once per year.

So what happens (more...)

Build an E-Business Suite 12.1.3 sandbox in VirtualBox with one hour of work

[I originally posted this over at the Pythian blog. If you're not following it, you should! Way more content, by far smarter people than lil ol' me.]

Self-directed learning about a product as complex as Oracle E-Business Suite can be challenging. Oracle helpfully provides a pre-built environment (called 'Vision') for training purposes. Configuring a viable training or "sandbox" environment on a workstation can be pretty daunting, however, considering:

  1. The memory and storage resources required to run a "small" Vision instance
  2. The need to install and configure the OS and a list of pre-requisite patches and packages
  3. Learning about the (more...)

Oracle Apps 11i: Back to the future

A while ago, I posted a few references for installing an 11i Vision instance, noting that it was "something you'll hopefully only need to do once." The fun doesn't stop with installing the software, though. Once you're done with the easy part you're left with:

  1. A desupported version of the database
  2. A desupported version of the Developer 6i tools (yes, even more obsolete than 6i's inherent obsolescence)
  3. JInitiator, which is also, you guessed it, desupported in favor of the standard Sun JDK.

What's the big deal? After all, 11i is in Extended Support mode, so why should it matter (more...)


Fall is my favorite time of year. In part, it's because of the weather where I grew up: muggy Pennsylvania summer and late-summer thunderstorms give way to crisp mornings, sometimes-warmish afternoons, and cool evenings. The air smells of wood smoke and dried leaves, and the colors of the sky and the trees are fantastic.

Autumn weather is a bit less epic where I live now, but there's another, non-weather-related reason that I like this time of year: for me, it's a time of new starts. I know springtime is supposed to be the time when everything's renewed, but for me (more...)

Fun with EBS APIs, part II: Users and responsbilities (FND_USER_PKG)

In my previous post, I demo'ed some simple scripts to make changes to E-Business Suite profile options, using the API provided by the FND_PROFILE package. This post will look at the FND_USER_PKG package (no relation to the "ABS brake system"). While my examples only reference user creation and responsibility assignment, it's really worth reviewing the contents of the rest of the package; there's lots of useful stuff in there.

First things first

Disclaimer time! Are you surprised? I hope you're not surprised. Am I really copying this section from the previous post? Yup, I am!

  1. The example code presented (more...)

Fun with EBS APIs, part I: Profile options (FND_PROFILE)

The E-Business Suite APIs are not just the realm of developers and data migration specialists. There are a number of APIs, particularly in the FND module, that can make life a lot easier for Apps DBAs. In my next two (maybe three, if I'm feeling ambitious) posts, I'll provide some examples of how to use PL/SQL to perform tasks that normally require slogging around in the EBS Forms interface.

First things first

Disclaimer time! Are you surprised? I hope you're not surprised.

  1. The example code presented in this series of blog posts uses APIs written by Oracle to manipulate data (more...)

Oracle Instant Client on OS X Lion: 32-bit only, for now

This is already making the rounds, but I figured I'd add my voice to the chorus, to maximize the likelihood that people find the information that they need.

If you're an ORACLENERD and a relatively early adopter of new versions of Mac OS X, you might notice that the 64-bit version of the OS X Instant Client does not work under OS X Lion. Attempts to use the 64-bit sqlplus binary and libraries result in a segmentation fault. Boo. The only known solutions for command-line sqlplus from Lion at the this point seem to be use the 32-bit client, or (more...)